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Military drills by our army psychologically destroy the Armenian society

Military drills by our army psychologically destroy the Armenian society
According to experts, gridlock in Nagorno Karabakh conflict will eventually make war inevitable

The military exercises our army conducts near the contact line have caused a stir in Armenia. The nonsensical statements issued by the new Armenian government have been met with unambiguous reaction. Azerbaijan, having a political, economic and military advantage, has already started to have a serious psychological impact on Armenia. This has made the Armenian society to self-confidence. Rumors are spreading on the social networks about the imminent war and that Armenian youth would be dying for lands that don’t even belong to them. 
Political scientist Tofig Abbasov told "Kaspi” that even though Armenia is half-dead, it’s still a country: "Their confidence in themselves is going down. The military parade Azerbaijan held and the subsequent military drills are signs that Azerbaijan could re-affirm itself. Azerbaijan’s development is not random, there is a conceptual approach to it. Development of the country, army building and everything else complete each other. The parade also showed that Azerbaijan has made great progress in army-building and strengthening the country's defense capabilities. It is impossible not to reckon with such a factor. However, there are some nonsensical ideas put forth by the Armenian press. But they do not realize how this will end. The gridlock in Karabakh conflict will pay the way for the war to be inevitable. That is, if Armenia does not negotiate, it means that Armenians will face a bad result without understanding the deep repercussions. Already Armenia has been pushed to the corner. If they do not find a way out, Armenia will face a great catastrophe. Azerbaijan is still demonstrating a great deal of restraint and but it has a limit. We can be patient for as long as there is a hopeful sign from Armenia. If they don't call for talks, of course, Azerbaijan's hand is open and it can make any decision ". 
Military expert, reserve lieutenant-colonel Ibrahim Rustamli said that Azerbaijan's development and modernization of its army is carried out within the framework of international law: "There is a perfectly legal and political base in our country. That is, we do not go beyond any international norms in any way, shape or form. Azerbaijan, as a state that is struggling for its rights, is also subject to occupation, is pursuing a constructive policy, and, accordingly, treats the army as a priority. The fact that a number of foreign states' display double-standards with regards to the Nagorno-Karabakh problem is a concern for our country. Since the second half of 1993, Azerbaijan has pursued a fairly sustainable and profitable policy. At the same time, it has strongly resisted a number of forces to defend its rights". 
However, the situation is quite different in Armenia. I have occasionally touched upon in my writings in the press the position of the Soldier Mothers' Society and other civil institutions, including non-governmental organizations, about the Karabakh issue. Without hesitation, they now clearly state that Karabakh is not a part of Armenia. In other words, Armenian youth does not have any moral-legal relations to this problem. It is no coincidence that the Armenian youth that are sent to Karabakh are usually neglected, humiliated, put under moral and physical pressure, and in many cases become victims of the regime. 
In this sense, Azerbaijani soldier is remembered as having sufficient moral and psychological superiority. He takes up arms for the sake of his homeland - Azerbaijan, stands in a post and even sacrifices his life if necessary. But the same words can not be said about the Armenian armed forces. They are well aware that they serve in foreign lands, and that it will eventually lead to the fiasco of the Armenian power. That's why the progressive part of the Armenian population consider Karabakh to be a burden. Now, more than ever, they clearly realize that Azerbaijan will someday free Karabakh from the enemy. Therefore, the Armenian society, especially the civilian population, has been losing their sleep over it. The tense situation in the country's political elite does not promise any serious prospects for the future. The enemy camp is in deep political, economic, social and military turmoil. Time does not work in Armenia's favor".




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