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Measures being taken to boost growth of agriculture

Measures being  taken to boost  growth of agriculture
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev spoke about the work done in this field at the last meeting of Cabinet of Ministers and gave proper instructions

Agriculture is the third largest shareholder in the supply of jobs after oil and construction field in Azerbaijani economy. At the same time, this field has a substantial impact on poverty reduction in regions. It is not accidental since that time  when national leader Heydar Aliyev that  Chairman of Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic paid special care to this field. Demonstrating farsightedness Heydar Aliyev  made land reforms for the first time in Nakhchivan. He continued this reforms throughout the  country after being  invited to Baku in 1993 to take power when there was real chaos in the country. Since 1995, as a result of agrarian reforms  establishment of market relations in the country's economy, the efficient use of land and property, growth of the field structure of the agrarian sector, formation of entrepreneurship  have significantly improved. There have been substantial changes in the social and agricultural composition of agriculture. In subsequent years, agricultural improvements have begeun as a result of measures undertaken by the state. 

During the leadership of Ilham Aliyev the worthy follower of the great leader’s political course  who was elected President of Azerbaijan in 2013 more extensive work has been done in the field of agriculture.  To eliminate the dependence of the economy on oil and ensure more economic development in rural areas were set as main target. To achieve these goals regional development programs played considerable role. As implementation of regional development programs resulted in  rise in production, productivity, in addition to meeting the domestic demand of Azerbaijani products, it has led to overseas markets as well. It turn, it brought about economic growth  as a whole, including opening new jobs and increasing the flow of currency to the country.

All these facts were noted at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to results of socio-economic development in the nine months of 2017 and objectives for the future chaired by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. 

The head of state has enumerated the achievements in the field of agriculture with specific facts, including socio-economic indicators of the last 9 months. In the past 9 months  agriculture has grown by 2.8% . Vegetable exports soared by 68 percent. Today, the most income-generating area in the non-oil sector istomato export.  

 The President  emphasized that Azerbaijan's foreign exchange reserves totaled $42 billion in nine months. "We are thinking about long-term sustainable development. A $4.5 billion growth in foreign exchange reserves is one of the most successful achievements in the nine-month period. Moreover 226,000 new jobs were created.

Hailing the successful implementation of major infrastructure projects, including the construction of new roads, drinking water, gas, electricity supply and melioration projects over the past period, the head of state underlined that taking such measures gives impetus to the successful development of regions and the overall economic progress of the country.

"New schools, medical centers were built and renovated over the past period. Addressing the social problems of IDPs, and providing them with housing has also been a major focus of the government's attention from the beginning of the year. Serious steps relating to economic reforms were taken in the country over the past nine months, comprehensive conditions were created for entrepreneurs, the development of strategic road maps was ensured, and the investment promotion mechanism was launched.

"To date, more than 200 investment promotion certificates have been issued, as a result of which AZN 1.7 billion was invested by the private sector in Azerbaijan. Along with this, the mechanism of export promotion has been launched in the country.”

Pointing out the work done to develop entrepreneurship, and the preferential loans granted to businessmen, the head of state noted that National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support of the Ministry of Economy should ensure lending by the end of the year.
Hailing the implementation of very important projects on road infrastructure in the country in nine months of this year, President Ilham Aliyev said that these projects will give impetus to the development of tourism sector in the regions. "More rural roads will be constructed next year. Apart from this, 150,000 hectares of land will be supplied with water this year, while 100,000 hectares of land is to be supplied with water next year, which will ensure the agricultural development."
President Ilham Aliyev also praised the important steps, which were taken to provide farmers with agricultural machinery, saying logistic centers were built in the regions and new modern greenhouse complexes are currently being built in the area of more than 400 hectares.
Saying that modern industrial zones were created in the regions, the head of state noted the importance of active participation in exhibitions and international events in order to promote the country's export potential.

Note that,  this year, under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev lots of  important activities have been undertaken in the field of agriculture. Moreover, under the chairmanship of the head of state dozens of significant meetings on various areas  held in  some Azerbaijani regions and discussions on cotton growing, sericulture, tobacco-cultivation and etc. were held. 

After these meetings state programs have been developed and approved, and all targets have been identified. In parallel,  development of entrepreneurship is  also the focus of attention.  So far, 34,000 entrepreneurs have received more than 2 billion manat preferential loans through National Entrepreneurship Support Fund. Naturally, these preferential loans are  allocated to the agricultural sector. All this gives grounds to say that our country strives to achieve the goals set. Today, target  to overcome the dependence of the economy on oil and ensure greater economic development in rural areas is not a dream, but reality. 





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