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Lotfi Zadeh’s body to be sent to Baku in coming days – consul general

Lotfi Zadeh’s body to be sent to Baku in coming days – consul general
Azerbaijan’s Consulate General maintained constant contact with prominent scientist Lotfi Zadeh, his son and other people around him until the scientist’s last days in life, Consul General Nasimi Agayev told APA.
According to the diplomat, work on processing the documents necessary to send the scientist's body to his homeland is coming to an end.
"The professor's body is to be sent to Baku in the coming days,” he said.
Agayev noted that the death of Lotfi Zadeh became a loss not only for Azerbaijan, but for the whole world.
"The scientist’s discoveries and theories have earned him worldwide recognition. It is no coincidence that the New York Times, one of the most famous American publications, wrote in an article dedicated to the scientist that his theory of "fuzzy logic" has had a huge impact on various areas, including linguistics, economics, medicine, and the development of household appliances. I was fortunate enough to talk with him more than once and I can say that Lotfi Zadeh was not only an outstanding scientist, but also he was a great man, distinguished by modesty, simplicity and kindness,” he added.
The consul general said that Lotfi Zadeh always rejoiced for the successes of Azerbaijan.
"He always emphasized his delight as an Azerbaijani for the development of Azerbaijan, its growing strength under Ilham Aliyev’s leadership. Professor Lotfi Zadeh often said that Azerbaijan has its special place in his heart. In order for the Golden Medal named after Nizami Ganjavi to be presented to Lotfi Zadeh, our Consulate General held a joint event with Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in September 2016 at the University of California, Berkeley, where Lotfi Zadeh worked. Professor Lotfi Zadeh said at the event that he highly appreciates the constant attention from the Azerbaijani government and that he is proud of Azerbaijan’s successes as an independent country,” he added. 




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