Leyla Abdullayeva: Konstantin Zatulin’s illegal participation in the so-called

Leyla Abdullayeva: Konstantin Zatulin’s illegal participation in the so-called "forum" in Khankendi is yet another provocation against Azerbaijan

14 October 2019, 21:22 110
"The illegal participation of the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots Konstantin Zatulin, famous for his explicit pro-Armenian position, in this "forum" is yet another provocation against Azerbaijan,” said spokesperson for Azerbaijan`s Foreign Ministry Leyla Abdullayeva as she responded to question from media regarding the illegal visit and participation of Zatulin in the so-called "forum" in Khankendi.
"As it’s well-known, the name of Konstantin Zatulin, in view of his repeated illegal visits to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, is included in the "black list” of the country. Zatulin’s participation in the mentioned "forum” and his groundless statements and rhetoric attacks against Azerbaijan fundamentally contradict the official position of Russia.
Relations between Azerbaijan and Russia at the level of strategic partnership are successfully developing on the basis of close contacts between the presidents of both states. Thus, the participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the recent meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club and his meeting there with the President of the Russian Federation on a bilateral basis are clear examples of this.
Against the backdrop of such a successful development of cooperation between the two countries, the activities of individuals like Zatulin are aimed at harming Azerbaijani-Russian relations. However, the Azerbaijani-Russian relations will continue their progressive development despite such provocative attempts,” spokesperson Abdullayeva said.