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Acknowledgement of truth by Armenians is assessed positively by experts

Recently, number of people maintaining souveregnity of Azerbaijan and its right position have considerably  risen. The Peace  Platform and activities of Armenians joined might  be mentioned  as the example.  Moreover, Anna Paytyan, a writer who lives in the US has also shared her views. She was notable for her bold statement on the Khojaly massacre. Besides, she demanded to punish executioners,  organized the bloody massacre and stressed that anyone who killed an Azerbaijani child will kill an Armenian child too: " A death sentence to Serzh Sarkisyan and Robert Kocharyan without the right to pardon!"
Head of  National Congress of Ukranian Armenians Ashot Ovanesyan told in his statemenet to APA that Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict should be resolved on the basis of peace  with the requirement to restore the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan: " Territorial integrity of  Ukraine that we are  citizens of it has also violated and parallel with this issue  we always  stress the issue of restoration of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. Occupied regions of Azerbaijan must be liberated. We have repeatedly demanded this on Armenian officials during meetings with them . Azerbaijan is my native land and I was born in Oghuz, my family also deem Azerbaijan its native country, as well.  So we want restoration of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. 
Armenian nation also suffer from this conflict. If the war ends Armenia will get economic benefit from it, as borders will be opened. This is not only mine but opinion of  most Armenians. 

Azerbaijani MP Musa Gasimli told our newspaper that news on establishment of the Peace Platform and increase of  its members shows once more that not whole world Armenians think like Serzh Sarkisyan: "Armenian leadership conduct propoganda  as if Armenians and Azerbaijanis could not live together in the same area. The objective of this disgusting propoganda is to get independence for Nagorno-Karabakh or join it Armenia. There is not any historical and political base of this propoganda.As in the  XIX century Azerbaijanis shared their lands and food with Armenians who moved to South Caucasus. Although Armenia has occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan Armenians have still been living here and even visiting Baku. It proves that Azerbaijanis and Armenians may live together as friedly neighbours. The problem in relations is related to agressive policy led by Armenia. Good relations might be restored between the two countries if  the official Yerevan gives up hostile policy and withdraw from occupied Azerbaijani lands. In my opinion, Armenians who live in abroad don’t welcome the current Armenian government’s interior and foreign policy that brought disasters for Armenian citizens and they will join the Platform. Since future of Armenian state directly depends on establishment of normal relations with Azerbaijan." added Musa Gasimli. 

Head of Karabakh history department of ANAS Institute of History Gasim Hajiyev told that Armenians were moved to Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh region in the early of the XIX century. Russia had made some opportunities for them: " They  actively began for territorial claims with maintainance of their supporters.  For the first time in the early 20th century they  committed genocides.  Consequently, at the end of the  century territorial claims were clearly intensified. At that time a survey was conducted and Armenians maintained to stay and live  within Azerbaijan. 

Azerbaijani People’s Poet Fikret Goja  said that finally Armenians acknowledged that historical facts must not be presented in a different way: " We attempted to get their confession of realities about Nagorno-Karabakh. Killing of each other should be ceased as we are neighbours. It’s better to live in peace. 
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