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Landslide in Badamdar: 8 families warned to leave their homes

Landslide in Badamdar: 8 families warned to leave their homes
Landslide has occurred in Badamdar highway.
Report informs citing the Sabail District Executive Power that on October 12, a landslide collapseoccurred on a hillside, near the load-bearing wall constructed earlier on the Badamdar highway (Badamdar-20th road link), Badamdar settlement of Sabail district .
Experts of the Emergency Situations Commission, Sabail District Executive Power and Republican Seismic Service Center, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources visited the scene. Specialists from respective bodies are investigating the area.
In order to provide safety of the citizens and vehicles passing through Badamdar Road, the traffic in this part of the Badamdar highway is temporarily restricted.
The activity of the facilities near the territory was suspended, and citizens living in 8 private houses located in the upper part of the hillside in Badamdar settlement were warned to leave their homes temporarily.
Investigations are currently underway in the area.



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