Khojaly Peace Prize to be presented in London

Khojaly Peace Prize to be presented in London

28 January 2016, 16:50 2018

An exhibition of young artists dedicated to the Khojaly genocide will be held in London, a press release of the European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) said Jan. 28.

Works of students and young artists from across the UK will be shown at the exhibition.

Winners, works of which are the most imaginative and memorable regarding the power of the image to promote peaceful resolution for conflicts and to empathize with the plight of refugees, will be awarded with Khojaly Peace Prize.

The event will be held on Feb. 24.

On February 25-26, 1992, the Armenian military, together with the 366th infantry regiment of Soviet troops stationed in Khankendi, committed genocide against the population of the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly. Among those 613 killed in the massacre, there were 63 children, 106 women and 70 old people.

Eight families were totally exterminated, 130 children lost one parent and 25 children lost both. A total of 487 civilians became disabled as a result of the onslaught. Some 1,275 innocent residents were taken hostage, while the fate of 150 people still remains unknown.