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Iraq hails Azerbaijan’s support in fight against terrorism

Iraq hails Azerbaijan’s support in fight against terrorism
Numerous countries, including Azerbaijan have supported Iraq in the fight against terrorism, Iraq's Charge D'affaires to Azerbaijan Fadhil Awad Al Shuwaili said on Friday
There are almost no militants of Islamic State terrorist group (IS, aka ISIL, ISIS, Daesh) left in Iraq, Al Shuwaili told a press conference held in Baku on the occasion of the liberation of Mosul from IS militants, APA reported.  
The whole world is in fight against ‘black terror’, the diplomat said noting that militants from more than 100 countries are fighting in the ranks of ISIL.  
"The liberation of Mosul, first of all, means the liberation of humanity, then the liberation of lands. ISIL tries to humiliate the humanity. Numerous countries, including Azerbaijan helped us in fight against terrorism. This is not only our victory, but also the victory of those who helped us,” he said.
The diplomat stressed that that one of the priorities for the Iraqi government is the restoration of Mosul and the return of refugees to the city.
"They [IS militants] burned Yezidi women and old people alive, about two million people were forced to flee Mosul. The Iraqi army managed to drive the terrorists out the city. They destroyed the tomb of Prophet Yunus and mosques,” he added. 




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