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Iran’s first VP urges respect for election results

Iran’s first VP urges respect for election results
Whoever wins the presidential election in Iran, all people should respect the results and help him work for the country’s development, First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri said on Friday, APA reports citing Tasnim News Agency.
"I believe that we all have come to the (political) maturity (to accept) that the final result of the ballot boxes will be the nation’s vote, and we should all respect it,” the vice president said during a visit to the election headquarters on Friday.
Urging national backing for the victor of the election, Jahangiri reassured people that all organizations handling the process of the polls will protect the ballots.
The Guardian Council is closely monitoring the election and all administrative organizations are well cooperating with the supervisory council, he underlined.
Expressing confidence about a "heroic event” in the election, Jahangiri predicted that the Friday’s polls would go down in history considering the high turnout.
The presidential election is underway in Iran. The country’s officials and candidates voted in the first hour of the polling, which lasts 10 hours but can be extended if necessary. Iranian citizens in the world’s 103 countries will vote as well. 




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