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Int’l conference on Azerbaijan-Russia relations gets underway in Moscow

Int’l conference on Azerbaijan-Russia relations gets underway in Moscow
An international conference, titled "The Moscow-Baku Axis: Towards a New Caucasus Geopolitics”, kicked off at President Hotel in Moscow.
The conference was co-organized by Izborsk Club and the Centre for Geopolitical Expertise.
Deputies of the Russian State Duma and Azerbaijani Parliament, well-known social political figures, representatives of scientific and expert circles, as well as diplomats and media representatives from both countries are taking part at the event, an APA correspondent reported from Moscow.
Delivering a keynote speech, Aleksandr Dugin, head of the Centre of Geopolitical Expertise, said that the conference aims to evaluate the current state of relations between Russia and Azerbaijan.  
"The event will focus on Russia-Azerbaijan cooperation in the field of strengthening security in the Caucasus. The participants will highlight Azerbaijan's role in contemporary international politics, deepening of the Russian-Azerbaijani relations and joint solutions to the disputed problems in the region,” he said.
The Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will also be discussed at the conference. Moreover, the issue of cooperation in the cultural sphere, the role of the Azerbaijani diaspora, a coordinating link between the two countries, as well as dialogue and exchange of views between the intellectual and patriotic elite of Russia and Azerbaijan will also be mulled. 




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