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International community must say “Stop!” to child murderers

International community must say “Stop!” to child murderers
Since ceasefire agreement, 33 Azerbaijani children have become victims of Armenian aggression

Armenian Armed forces opened fire at the residential buildings and civilian populated areas of Azerbaijan on July 4 using artillery, mortars and other heavy weaponry which resulted in the death of 2 year old Zehra and her grandmother Sahiba Guliyeva in Alkhanly village of Fizuli district. This is an act that goes against the international and military laws. That is, intentional targeting of civilians, civilian populated areas violates the international humanitarian law and human rights  particularly Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols as well as Convention on the Rights of the Child and Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. This incident proves once again that the aggressor Armenia shows utter contempt for the international law and calls from
international organizations. Moreover, it demonstrates the hostile attitude of Armenian regime, particularly Serzh Sargsyan himself, to the people of Azerbaijan.  This person, who once occupied the post of minister of Defense of Armenia, was an indirect participator of the massacre carried out against Azerbaijanis in the city of Khojaly from February 25 to 26 of 1992.  613 people were cruelly murdered in Khojaly at that time, 63 of them being minors. At the same time, 1273 Khojaly residents were taken captive among whom were children. Although majority of Khojaly residents who were taken captives were later released, the fate of 150 people is still unknown. In addition, after the occupation of Khajavend in 1992, Armenians killed 76 out of 117 captives who were from the village of Garadaghli on the way to Khankendi, half of them women and 20 children below the age of 10-12.  

During the occupation of Fizuli, 29 of 40 civilians caught on the route to Horadiz, 40 captives taken from Gorazilli, and 29 elderly people, women and children taken captive from Bashlibel village of Kelbejer were killed on the spot and their corpses were desecrated and vandalized. Almost half of the victims of this massacre were women and children.   

It should be noted that, while he was still the minister of Defense, Sargsyan gave an interview to Thomas de Waal, the author of "Black Garden”, where he confirmed that he led the mass killings of civilians in Khojaly including  children, women and elderly. He openly confessed that they did it to change the perceptions  Azerbaijanis had that Armenians would not hurt the civilians.   

We should note that,  neither Serzh Sargsyan, not his circle stopped their inhumane actions against the civilians of Azerbaijan, including children, after he became the president of Armenia. That is, since the ceasefire agreement of 1994, 33 Azerbaijani children have been victims of Armenian terror. 14 of these children were killed and 19 injured.

For example, 9 year old Fariz Badalov were killed by an Armeniar sniper near the occupied village of Shikhlar of Aghdam on March 8 of 2011. Fariz was seriously injured in the head at the time and he died on the way to the hospital. In the very same year, Shahmaliyeva Aygun, born 1998,  was killed and her mother Shahmaliyeva Elnara, born 1979, injured after an explosive device belonging to the enemy went off in the village of Alibayli of Tovuz. 

The investigations revelead that Armenian side had thrown a toy installed with an explosive device to the Tovuz river which runs through the village of Alibayli. While playing in the area, Jafarov Elsever and Shahmaliyeva Aygun found the toy and brought it to the home of Jafarov Hasan. Aygun Shahmaliyeva hit the toy to the table while they were playing inside the house which triggered an explosion.  

Furthermore, Armenians fired shots at the village of Uchoghlan, which is located far from the frontline in Aghdam, using reactive artillery and cannons on April 4, 2016.  The house belonging to the resident Bakhtiyar Ibrahimov was completely burned down.  The roof of the house belonging to Beyler Akberov and Adalat Maharramov and some structures in their yard were destroyed. Adalat Maharramov’s sister, 16 year old Pakizah Marahhamli received head injuries as a result. In July 14 of the same year, 12 year old Nermin Khanbabayeva and her 8 year old brother Tunjay and 44 year old Durdana Naghiyeva were seriously injured when Armenian forces opened fire in the village of Alibeyli which is located in the contact line between Tovuz and Armenia.    

All of the facts that we mentioned, including the murder of 18 months old Zahra Guliyeva on July 4, should be viewed as the continuation of ruthless massacres carried out in Khojaly, Garadaghli, Aghdaban by Serzh Sargsyan, Robert Kocheryan, Sehran Ohanyan and Zori Balayan and the product of the same blood-thirsty mentality. Despite ratifying the UN Convention on the rights of Children and its international commitments, this state and its leadership does not refrain from committing violence against children and carry out their vile actions both during war and at the time of ceasefire. The international community, the member states of the UN, particularly the permanent members of the Security Council, should objectively assess these facts and put pressure on the child killer Serzh Sargsyan.  

Rufik Ismayilov 




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