In what form may quarantine rules be tightened?

In what form may quarantine rules be tightened?

10 April 2020, 14:37 172

Experts say everyone should be responsible regarding the rules of social isolation

"The quarantine regime term may be extended in the country while the requirements may be tightened,” Spokesman for the Cabinet of Ministers Ibrahim Mammadov saidatthe briefing at the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers on April 8.

"In accordance with the information, the requirements of the special quarantine regime are not observed by many people,” Mammadov added. "Today's statistics show that there are cases of sale of fake certificates and permits. If the conditions of this regime are observed, this will contribute to the positive statistics and it will not be extended. However, today's data shows that requirements may be tightened. This decision is extremely difficult for us.”

But I wonder what steps may be taken at the next stage. So, in what form may quarantine rules be tightened?

Medical expert, professor Adil Geybulla said isolation measures should be taken seriously, otherwise, the number of the infected people may increase sharply. Therefore, we have no choice but to follow the rules. "Each of us must fulfill our civic duty. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people on the streets. This is an indication that our people do not take the pandemic seriously. We have to be patient for a week or two. If people follow the rules, we can overcome this problem in a short time. If we do not follow the quarantine rules, the number of infections can increase significantly. In this case, the quarantine period will be extended. This is not only a matter for Azerbaijan. Coronavirus is a serious problem worldwide. Tightening and extension of quarantine measures will be decided depending on the epidemiological situation. It is possible that in the next stage, the age factor will be seriously revealed. Categories of persons allowed to go out may be changed. Also, the rules of permission can be formalized in another form,” the expert noted.

According to MP Fazil Mustafa, only by applying strict rules, we can prevent the spread of the pandemic. According to him, the country's leadership and various socio-political figures are working to raise awareness among the people, but sometimes it is not enough. "Of course, those who understand the seriousness of the situation and are responsible listen to these recommendations. However, there are many people who still do not want to take the issue seriously. Therefore, it is becoming a big problem. I hope we can achieve more discipline by tightening the rules. We can prevent more people from taking to the streets. If all these rules are not followed and a stricter regime is not applied, the cases of coronavirus infection will increase,” he said.

The MP noted that in some cases, awareness-raising may not be enough, so there is a need for stricter rules. "Of course, it is always necessary to carry out educational work. However, at some points it is also necessary to apply certain rules. We must apply strict rules when enlightenment brings no results,” he added.

Sociologist Sahib Altay said measures against the coronavirus are currently being carried out in accordance with quarantine regulations. "The situation is very serious. If a pandemic has been declared on a planet where man has permanently settled, reproduced and continued to exist, the precondition here is to protect human health. No one knows how long the declared pandemic will last. However, as long as this situation prevails, everyone has to follow the rules for their own health and the health of others. The question is not what is applied or not, but how to apply. In fact, here, the citizen-state relationship is of great importance. That is, a citizen helps the state and vice versa. But, unfortunately, this attitude doesn’t exist in Azerbaijan today. Azerbaijani society is largely irrational. And because of this way of thinking, our people still do not take the issue seriously and do not follow the decisions made. If we analyze the issue on a global scale, I would like to point out that today in almost all developed and non-developed countries, there are similar, softer or more severe bans and finesmethods. First of all, the state must protect, and its citizens must follow the terms of the law. There is no specific method, no alternative method to overcome this; neither in the world practice, nor in ours...” he pointed out.

Shabnam Mehdizade