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Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan’s military policy has proved successful

Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan’s military policy has proved successful
Azerbaijan’s military policy has proved utterly successful, President Ilham Aliyev said addressing the 6th congress of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party on Thursday, APA reports.
"We have been pursuing this policy for many years and we have been frequently questioned why Azerbaijan is arming and allocating funds for army building. We, unlike Armenia, realize all this at our own expense. Life has shown how proper a policy we are pursuing,” he said.   

The head of state noted that the world's leading countries are also constantly arming and this process is common for many countries.

"We have built a strong army in recent years, and now all international rankings reflect our strength. This power allows us to exercise any duty. The events of April 2016 clearly demonstrated to the enemy, as well as to the whole world, what the Azerbaijani Army is capable of. Our glorious historical victory on the battlefield will surely create new opportunities for a fair settlement of the issue [Nagorno-Karabakh conflict]. We have strong economic capabilities. Our growing financial resources focus on the challenges the country is faced with. In this respect, the army building is a priority,” President Aliyev added.  




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