How to protect yourself from China coronavirus?

How to protect yourself from China coronavirus?

23 January 2020, 16:22 2387

Experts say unwarranted treatment in dangerous cases should not be allowed, medical supervision is mandatory

The Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization (WHO) about the outbreak of an unknown disease in the city of Wuhan on December 31, 2019. On January 7, 2020, Chinese specialists identified the new 2019-nCoV coronavirus as the culprit. According to the National Health Committee of China, 440 people came down with the new virus by January 23.

Chinese authorities say many of the patients with the new illness had come into contact with seafood markets, suggesting the virus is spreading from animals to people. However, health officials say some "limited human-to-human transmission” occurred between close contacts.

The World Health Organization convened a panel of experts in Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday to consider whether the illness should be a global health emergency.

The last time WHO declared a global health emergency was in 2019 for the Ebola outbreak in eastern Congo that killed more than 2,000 people. The agency also declared global emergencies for the 2016 Zika virus, the 2009 H1N1 swine flu, and the 2014 polio and Ebola outbreaks.

The World Health Organization has said that the coronavirus outbreak, which the mayor of the Chinese city of Wuhan says has killed 17 people, was likely to spread. The virus poses a threat to Russia's biological security, said Russian Deputy Health Minister Sergei Kraevoy.

Isolated cases of the virus have been found in Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong. The first infection was recorded in the U.S. as well. A U.S. citizen who was returning from China on Jan. 15 was diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus.

The Azerbaijani Health Ministry assures the population that the deadly virus, which is spread in China and accompanied by bilateral pneumonia, has not been registered in Azerbaijan. However, since the last days of last year, reports have been received of infected patients with pneumonia and deaths. According to the State Customs Committee, a special regime will be introduced at border crossings of the country due to the virus spreading in China.

Is there a risk of Chinese virus transmitting to Azerbaijan? How do we protect ourselves from this virus?

According to medical expert, professor Adil Geybulla, coronavirus has different strains. "The virus was first discovered in the 1960s. At that time, the virus was discovered in the respiratory system. Subsequently, strains such as A, B, and C began to spread at different times. At present, coronavirus has been activated and complications have been reported in China. There are patients who die from the virus. Therefore, all countries should be concerned about the issue. WHO should take urgent measures to prevent the spread of the virus. In countries where the disease is spreading, the population should be provided with technical assistance. The main goal is to prevent the spread of the infection. Localization measures are needed. The spread of this virus in Azerbaijan is also real. Because people are constantly migrating. We have a trade agreement with China. People freely travel to China and other countries. Therefore, the situation must be monitored. Especially in trans-border areas, care should be taken to ensure that patients are kept and checked and, if necessary, hospitalized. Self-medication in such dangerous situations is unacceptable and people infected should be treated under medical supervision. Antibiotics can lead to worse outcomes. Systematic treatment should be performed for rapid recovery and rehabilitation of the patient. It would be better if more detailed and educational articles were written about the virus in the press,” noted the expert.

Shamsiyya Namazli, a doctor of philosophy in medicine, said that respiratory diseases are usually spread by air. "As soon as a sick person sneezes and coughs, people around him become infected too. The prevalence and frequency of viral diseases are very high. Care must be taken as far as possible and medical masks should be used. Hands should be washed frequently. The diet should be monitored, and fruits and vegetables should be used more often. When a person is infected with a virus, there is probability of spreading the virus to a radius of 1.5 meters. People with a weak immune system are more susceptible to such viruses. The virus is also considered to be dangerous for people who have been suffering from chronic illnesses for a long time. Therefore, security measures need to be strengthened. If the patient's temperature rises, they should see a doctor immediately,” Namazli added.

Shabnam Mehdizade