How do the lies of Armenians find a place on international platforms?

How do the lies of Armenians find a place on international platforms?

16 August 2019, 17:26 411

During the 2019 Mashuk North Caucasus Youth Forum, the Ambassador of Armenia to Russia, at a meeting with the participants of the event, expressed unacceptable statements regarding Azerbaijan, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country, which provoked fair protest by the chairman of the Baku Youth Club public association Sabir Rustamov and "an unpleasant incident occurred."

In this regard, Sabir Rustamov sent a letter to the Embassy, in which he detailed the essence of what had happened and asked for support. Taking into consideration the seriousness of the issue, the resonance that it caused in Azerbaijani society, the Embassy sent an official note to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu, despite the agreement reached in advance, refused to travel to Pyatigorsk, participate in the Forum and scheduled meetings.

It is clear that Armenians, both official and civil society, are always trying to justify their occupation policies in different ways. But they do not always achieve their goal. Unlike non-governmental organizations operating in Armenia, civil society institutions all over the world are calling for peace. But in this context, the Armenians do not give up their chauvinistic acts.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations represent Azerbaijan in international organizations and forums. But how often are civil society institutions facing Armenian provocations?

Chairman of the Baku Club of Political Scientists Zaur Mammadov told Kaspi that Armenians also participated in international events held in Russia and other countries. "Regrettably, in the events, which are attended by more young people, including youth organizations, the psychological state of the Armenian youth is felt clearly. Although many of those young people never saw war and were born after the Karabakh war. However, present-day Armenian youth are raised and brought up by their parents in a nationalistic and chauvinistic manner, aggressively against the Turks. Unlike the Armenians, we express our position either on a historical or international basis. But Armenians make abstract speeches and often try to provoke Azerbaijani delegations, students, and youth. This time, the Armenian ambassador's speech at the international forum in Mushuk, Russia regarding Karabakh, which was not related to the event, of course caused a strong protest by the Azerbaijani delegation. Both organizers and Armenians should have known this from the beginning. Moreover, wherever Azerbaijanis are, they will never allow Armenians to deceive their international audiences with their lies. Armenians must be exposed,” he emphasized.

Mammadov noted that Armenian representatives are more involved in such events in third countries. "The Armenian representatives become local politicians, experts, members of non-governmental organizations in these countries and try to conduct themselves as citizens, not as guests. We must know for certain that the Armenians have been treating the people of Azerbaijan historically, in the 19th and 20th centuries, and today, as their enemies. We see this in the speeches of Armenian politicians and ordinary citizens. Of course, the main reason for such thinking of the Armenian community is the propaganda conducted by the Kocharyan-Sargsyan and now Pashinyan regimes. But Armenians must understand that history is not the same as written by Armenian historians,” he said.

Senan Najafov, editor-in-chief of, said that Armenians are always trying to make the most of their opportunities and make provocations, whether they are at NGOs or international meetings. "Before the event, an exhibition is organized, visitors are given a booklet filled with lies, and gifts and photos of fake monuments built on the occupied Azerbaijani lands are distributed. The event is then based on the brainwashing scheme, which is adorned with pre-fabricated information. Questions from prepared "journalists" bring the issue to the top - the scenario of spreading lies. Then comes a well-known scheme: a "cognac dinner" after the event, cognac gifts and press releases to journalists. That’s it.

But what do we do? Needless to say, the aggressor covers the invasion policy pursued by the state in various forms. For example, they form a negative image of Azerbaijan with the direct participation of international organizations (a line of "cognac diplomacy"). They claim that human rights are being violated in Azerbaijan, there is political pressure on the citizens, and even discrimination against minorities is being fabricated and put into circulation. They want to show the world that Azerbaijani people will continue to be hostile to the Armenians as they have always been. It is therefore impossible for these two nations to live together as one state, and so on. In the second phase, they take advantage of our compatriots who have fled abroad and receive grants through subsurface resources and funds under the control of the Armenian mafia. The goal is only one: to create the most negative image about Azerbaijan. The purpose of the 86,000 euros received by Leyla Yunus from the Armenian Federation is to spread the existence of the "dictatorial regime" in Azerbaijan. Remember the actions in front of the Azerbaijani embassies, as well as the blackout campaigns by certain persons, and the situation will be clear. So the picture is that the Armenian diplomacy, NGOs and the Armenian mafia are united regarding the Karabakh issue and implement all kinds of dirty and villainous projects. In addition, betrayal and treacherous "dissidents" from Azerbaijan. I can give an endless example of this. On the eve of January 20, the Khojaly tragedy, the 31st of March, the genocide of Azerbaijanis, the occupation of Shusha, we are seeing further intensification of betrayers that are abroad and their steps to divert our attention from this propaganda. Situation is so complicated and confusing,” Najafov noted.

He added that Azerbaijani diplomats, public and political activists know that Armenians can create provocations everywhere and are ready for it. "For example, in the Eastern European Davos, where I participated in 2011, the Armenian side committed the provocation from the first day. Later, in one of the panels, they released leaflets about supposedly destruction of the Armenian cross-stones by Azerbaijanis and distributed photos from a video shot in Nakhchivan - the area of ​​Julfa. At that meeting, I threw away the photos and fought with the Armenian speaker. The panel's work was interrupted and organizers intervened and prevented the spread of Armenian lies after the Azerbaijani delegation said it would boycott the Forum if such an attitude continues to spread. Another event occurred in Georgia in the framework of the 2017 Eastern Partnership Program. This time, well-known civil society representative Sahib Mammadov protested, and even Rauf Arifoglu, the editor-in-chief of the Yeni Musavat newspaper, wrote a comprehensive article. The problem was that the Azerbaijanis, who were protesting the anti-Azerbaijani stand, financed by a well-known PIN organization, were opposed to our own. They are slaves who carry out orders, and unfortunately, the Armenian mafia are behind them,” the editor-in-chief said.