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History of Britain and Ireland published in Azerbaijani

History of Britain and Ireland published in Azerbaijani
The book titled "The History of Britain and Ireland” has been published in Azerbaijani.
The 400-page illustrated book, published by TEAS Press Publishing House, covers the period from first habitation of the British Isles, first Britons, and the Stone Age to the modern age.
TEAS Press Publishing House told APA that the book is a fundamental publication in the British history. The book shines light on the millennia-long history of the British Isles, the rich culture of Britons, their socio-economic life, traditions, development stages of statehood, as well as the rise and fall of the British Empire.
The book also deals with the rich cultural heritage from periods of the church building of the middle ages and the Elizabeth to the industrial Victorian era and the rise of the mighty British Empire.
Consisting of six chapters, the book titled "The History of Britain and Ireland” can also be called the illustrative encyclopedia of Britain.
The book provided detailed information about Great Briton.  
The publication which covers many varied topics such as Britons, the early invasions, Margaret Thatcher, well-known universities, football, jazz, industrial revolution and parliamentary traditions, gives interesting information about personal life of kings and queens, palace intrigues, executions and political killings, the empire's colonial policy, church's role in society, victories and defeats of the British, ordinary people's life, luxurious entertainment of noble people and social conflicts.”
The book – a collective product of British authors’ researches of many years – is intended for historians and researchers, as well as readers interested in the history, culture, economy and socio-political life of Great Britain. 




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