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Hajiyev: Much of ‘credit’ goes to Nalbandian for Armenian being unreliable, frivolous country

Hajiyev: Much of ‘credit’ goes to Nalbandian for Armenian being unreliable, frivolous country
APA’s interview with Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev
Q. How would you comment on the latest statement of Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian?
A. We wouldn’t have liked to spoil Edward Nalbandian's mood of anniversary as he tried to boast in front of his colleagues and spoke about the "successful” foreign policy of Armenia on Diplomat's Day celebrated in the country. However, Armenia became more isolated during during Nalbandian's 8 years in office. Much of the ‘credit’ goes to Nalbandian for Armenia being unreliable, frivolous country having no position. In general, it is clear for everyone, especially the Armenian people that the military dictatorship in Armenia is rapidly leading the country to disaster and recession.
Q. Nalbandian predicts that by the end of the year at least one country would recognize the so-called regime created in the occupied Azerbaijani territories. What do you think of it?
A. The whole international community recognizes and supports Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty within its internationally recognized borders. The UN Security Council resolutions that are the basis of the settlement of the conflict reaffirm Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and sovereignty, and once again underline the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by the use of force. The illegitimate regime created in the Azerbaijani territories as a result military aggression of Armenia has not been and will never be recognized by any state. Instead of doing provocations, Armenia must join the efforts to ensure lasting peace in the region.
Q. While the negotiations to settle the conflict are ongoing, what do you think Armenia is trying to achieve by holding an illegal referendum, sending ambassadors to the occupied lands, attempts to recognize the illegitimate regime, and committing provocations at the front line?
A. This is clearly indicative of Armenia’s involvement in the talks being unserious and imitative. Armenia’s primary goal is to annex the occupied Azerbaijani lands.
On one hand, the Armenian FM is hypocritically talking about his country’s involvement in the OSCE Minsk Group-mediated negotiations, on the other hand Armenia acts against the efforts of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and the whole process of negotiation. That’s why there is no progress in the negotiation process. Azerbaijan has repeatedly said that Armenia’s impunity syndrome must be ended and all necessary political and diplomatic pressures must be put on Armenia to urge it to be serious about the negotiations.  



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