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Groundless and biased claims

Groundless and biased claims
Claims by various circles target to damage Azerbaijan's international image and put pressure on it

From the moment Azerbaijan has become a worthy member of the international community, the Armenian Diaspora and political forces under their influence, various organizations started carrying out  anti-Azerbaijani campaigns. Additionally, as  the capital Baku hosts international events, anti-Azerbaijani network is switched on in order  to mar international image  of our country by all means. Regretfully, some prominent organizations, politicians and officials also sometimes make statements under the influence of anti-Azerbaijani campaign  carried out by the Armenian diaspora. Over and over, we have observed such cases on the eve of important energy and transport projects, global events, as well as, on the eve of the First European Games, Eurovision 2012, Baku 2017: Islamic Solidarity Games, F1 races which  hosted by Baku, Azerbaijan. Needless to say, all smear campaigns have failed and been fruitless. Despite that , pro-Armenian circles keep continuing the "work” and every time they launch an anti-Azerbaijani network with new pretexts and do their best to form a negative opinion about our country.
This time, Anti-Azerbaijani circles in the West already launched dirty campaign against our country on the eve of the UEFA Europa League Final match to be held at the Baku Olympic Stadium on May 29.

The recent statements by  the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other institutions about Azerbaijan on the eve of the UEFA Europa League Final match are subject to form  negative opinions on our country.

This time, those forces are striving to shape an opinion in the international community as if it is inappropriate for Azerbaijan to host this major sporting event, by voicing such unrelated, biased and unrealistic subjective allegations.
It is not surprising that certain forces in Europe have been recently conducting a "black PR" against Azerbaijan. The country has repeatedly faced such dirty campaigns ahead of all the prestigious events and competitions it hosted. As is the case with all the smear campaigns, this time, they allege the violation of the rule of law and human rights in Azerbaijan.
The measures and reforms carried out to ensure the rule of law in Azerbaijan, especially the decrees and orders of the head of state signed over the past few months, are highly appreciated by European states. Azerbaijan therefore considers these allegations regarding the visa regime, expensive hotel and airfare costs unfounded, and completely denies them as groundless and biased.

Azerbaijan is today one of the countries which boast a high level of stability and low crime rate. It has already proved itself in the word as a country capable of excellently organizing any major international event. It has also been clearly stated in the comments made by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson over the issue: "The First European Games, the Fourth Islamic Solidarity Games, annual Formula 1 Baku Grand Prix and the Qarabag-Chelsea football match held in 2017 as part of the UEFA Champions League are just some of these events. Numerous foreign citizens visiting Azerbaijan to watch these sporting events were absolutely satisfied with the effective maintenance of public order, the existing stability and security environment in Azerbaijan, and the organization of such large-scale sports events in the country.

Azerbaijan is also a country of tourism and every year it receives large numbers of foreign tourists. Along with other positive features of Azerbaijan, tranquility, security and stability are among the most important factors attracting foreign tourists”.

Member of Milli Mejlis, political analyst Hikmat Babaoghlu told ‘Kaspi’ newspaper that  some institutions, including the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office have nothing to do with sport, despite that through the groundless statements they try to formulate negative opinion, as if  holding UEFA Europa League Final match in Baku  is inappropriate  and not a good idea: "First of all, this is not appropriate in terms  of the UK-Azerbaijan relations. Azerbaijan is one of the most stable and safest countries in terms of the criminal situation compared to the whole world, including the West. Robbery and fraud cases mentioned in the statement are low in Azerbaijan and there is no problem with ethical behavior. I believe that political aspects stand behind these statements. Azerbaijan has repeatedly faced such dirty campaigns ahead of all the prestigious events and competitions it hosted. These campaigns are groundless and biased." Babaoghlu added. 


Speaking about the issue, MP  Azer Badamov said that Azerbaijan  has reached great achievements: "To ensure political stability in the country can be considered one of the greatest successes in this context. So far, Azerbaijan has hosted dozens of  international sports events: " The First European Games, Islamic Solidarity Games, F1  and other sports events are clear example for it. On the eve of every international event to be held in Azerbaijan, biased campaign is launched against  Azerbaijan to damage its image. In spite of everything, these campaigns do not yield any result.  Since Azerbaijan has gained enough experience to hold international events,"  Azer Badamov said. 

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