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“Georgia” in the federal budget of the USA

“Georgia” in the federal budget of the USA
According to political analysts, this move by the USA is one-sided and other conflict zones should have been taken into account

The US president Donald Trump has approved the federal budget for 2017. In the budget that was approved on May 6, several paragraphs refer to the territorial integrity of the country of Georgia. According to those articles, any country who recognizes the independence of the occupied Abkhazia and South Ossetian regions of Georgia is barred from receiving aid from the USA. The said article is entitled "Georgian territories- occupation of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali/so called South Ossetia”. Based on this law, the US state agencies are prohibited from making moves that help the occupation of these regions by Russia. This law instructs the Finance Department of the US to prepare international guidelines so that any program that violates the territorial integrity of Georgia is barred from receiving aid. Additionally, the law stipulates that the US State Secretary is tasked with making a report about Russian action with regards to the occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in 90 days after the law goes into effect. A few years ago, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and some other Eastern European states were declared the non-NATO allies of the USA based on the decision of the US Senate. 20% of Azerbaijani territories are under Armenian occupation. Why doesn’t the US leadership take similar steps against Armenia or is it likely to happen in the future? 
Mubariz Ahmedoghlu, chairman of Political Innovations and Technology Center and political analyst, told "Kaspi” that Abkhazia and South Ossetia have been recognized by Russia and some other insignificant countries: "Overall, 4 or 5 countries have recognized the independence of Abkhazia. But Nagorno-Karabakh is not recognized by any states including Armenia. Of course, when the territorial integrity of Georgia is being recognized, we want them to, at least, mention the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh. We should also remember that the conflict of Nagorno-Karabakh broke out with the participation of Armenians living in the USA and by American secret service and Central Intelligence Agency. American Armenians persuaded their counterparts in Moscow and turned them into the puppets of the CIA. This is how Nagorno-Karabakh war started. American Congressmen made appeals to Moscow. The talks between the US State Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR in 1998 still exist. The US Congress adopted two resolutions in 1989 demanding from the USSR leadership to force Karabakh Committee to participate in the negotiations as the USSR government. The USA was behind the Karabakh war. So, their position is very biased”.  
Ahmedoghlu added that the US position regarding the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is unsatisfactory: "But the foreign policy has its rules and Azerbaijan is trying to strengthen that which works in our favor in American policy and weaken those that works against us. Azerbaijan bases its relations with the USA on this principle. The president has one formula, the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is as important as that of other countries. If the USA support the territorial integrity of Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Washington DC should also voice support for resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict within the framework of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. But we do not hear that”.  
Politician expert Fikret Sadikhov pointed out that Georgian territories have been occupied by Russia since 2008: "A part of Georgia does not exist, it is under occupation. Including such an article in the federal budget of the USA is a message to Russia. In my opinion, it is a decision that has been adopted far too late. On the other hand, this may seriously affect the Russian policies. Because Russia will not let go of these occupied territories. Adopting this resolution may change something. Another reality is that, if the USA includes such articles in its federal budget, then similar approaches should apply to other conflicts as well. There is the conflict of Nagorno-Karabakh in former Soviet states. There is also the issue of Transnistria in Moldova. If they want to display fair approach, then they should also mention Azerbaijan. But everyone knows about the fate of the resolutions adopted by the UN Security council. The international law should work. This move made by the USA is one-sided and other conflict zones should be taken into account as well. Our situation is not that radically different than that of Georgia”.  
Sadikhov noted that it cannot be ruled out that the USA would adopt similar laws regarding Karabakh: "But we have been witnessing for a long time the double-standards of big countries. Azerbaijan has been subject to aggression before Georgia. The USA should take this into account. Because they are one of the OSCE MG co-chairs and are mediating this conflict”.  
Bakhtiyar Mammadli                      




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