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Funds for annual social benefits, pensions to double in Azerbaijan

Funds for annual social benefits, pensions to double in Azerbaijan
Orders and decrees signed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on April 15, 2019, provide a 100 percent average increase in social benefits and presidential pensions of citizens of a number of categories, as well as the establishment of new types of pensions from April 1, Trendreports with reference to Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population.
Along with the fact that these documents are another success within the package of successful social reforms of the Azerbaijani president, they also mean taking an important step towards improving the well-being of citizens, in particular vulnerable groups of the population.

The signed orders and decrees provide for a significant increase in monthly presidential pensions, social benefits for up to 600,000 people (including 300,000 people with disabilities), expansion of social security coverage with the establishment of monthly presidential pensions for people from a number of categories.
The annual funds directed at issuing social benefits and pensions will be doubled, with additional 400 million manats allocated per year for these purposes.
All these steps once again confirm that the main goal of President Ilham Aliyev’s strong social policy is to ensure the well-being of the population. Care for the citizens of Azerbaijan, principles of social justice and humanism lie at the heart of this policy, which is welcomed by the public.



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