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Full-featured monitoring due to the work done

Full-featured monitoring due to the work done
According to experts, agricultural area will remain a main target in the coming months in 2017

Recently, half- year reports of Strategic Road Map have been announced. The statistical data on the agricultural sector, which is considered as one of the priorities, was also revealed. Thus, preliminary results indicate that 11 per cent of objectives have been  fulfilled and 40 per cent of them have started to be executed. 

Strengthening institutional capacity to ensure food security, increasing the production potential of agricultural products through the value chain, facilitating access to finance and so on. are in among the targets. 

The initial index already indicates the work done and the existing problems in this field. But are the outcomes satisfactory?  What else should be done in this area? 

Member of Milli Mejlis Vahid Ahmadov told in his statement to our newspaper that in general, the steps taken and the work done  should be highly appreciated: "It is true, 6 months is not enough for the evaluation of the agricultural sector. As there are such fields in the agricultural sector that it is impossible to achieve outcomes in a short time. But in general,  in current economic situation this field is is one of the areas that are constantly in the spotlight by the head of state and Presidental adminstartion. It is no coincidence that in 2017 for the first time the export has exceeded imports. Export of agricultural products in Azerbaijan has expanded and import dependence was reduced. All of these should be evaluated as a result of the work done and reforms. Previously, there were certain problems with subsidies. However these problems have already eliminated. The steps taken in the agricultural sector are increasingly bearing fruit. While some drawbaks have remained. These problems will be solved in accordance with  the Road map after a while. In my opinion, this field will turn into one of most profitable areas in near future.” added Vahid Ahmadov. 

Economist Vugar Bayramov told that holding such a monitoring is very important from the point of view of the formation of a complete idea of the work done: "As monitoring provides objective and independent assessment. Moreover, evaluation of activities carried out in the first half of 2017 is important in terms of increasing the responsibility of government agencies and efficiency of road map. Note that, a 51 % enforcement  process has started in noted area. Whereas, the semi-annual report on agrarian sector does not mean a complete result. So, by the end of 2017, the annual assessment of results will be revealed that will form a fuller idea. Because, there are areas that their activity will begin in the second half of the year. Thereby, that area is considered to have not been implemented.  To my mind, annual assessment is more important." told Vugar Bayramov. 





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