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European tourists more interested in Azerbaijan

European tourists more interested in Azerbaijan

In January-March 2019, 19,100 citizens of the European Union visited Azerbaijan, which is 2.8 percent more in comparison with the same period last year, Trend reports referring to the State Statistical Committee.
During the first quarter of the year, 610,800 foreigners and stateless persons from 157 countries visited the country, which is a 2.9-percent decrease.
Twenty eight percent of those who visited Azerbaijan were citizens of Georgia, 27.4 percent came from Russia, 11.3 percent from Turkey, 9.2 percent from Iran, 3.5 percent from the UAE, 1.8 percent from Ukraine, 1.7 percent from India, 1.4 percent from Iraq, and 15.6 percent from other countries. About 0.1 percent of the visitors were stateless persons.
Men comprised the overwhelming majority (70.1 percent) of those who visited Azerbaijan, and women accounted for 29.9 percent.
The largest decrease in the number of visitors was from Qatar (48.5 percent), Iran (43.4 percent), Israel (41.7 percent), the UAE (28.1 percent) and Iraq (24.8 percent).
In the meantime, the number of arrivals from Egypt increased by 2.3 times, from India by 1.8 times, from Saudi Arabia by 1.8 times, from Turkmenistan by 1.6 times, from Pakistan by 1.5 times, from China by 46.1 percent, from Japan by 32.5 percent, from Georgia by 22.9 percent, and from Oman by 17.4 percent.
The number of arrivals from the EU countries increased by 2.8 percent and reached 19,100 people, while the number of arrivals from the Gulf countries decreased by 33.1 percent and amounted to 106,800. The number of arrivals from the CIS countries decreased by 1.1 percent and amounted to 202,300 people.
Sixty four percent of those arriving in Azerbaijan used rail and road transport, 35.2 percent used air transport, and 0.8 percent used water transport.
In January-March 2019, the number of Azerbaijani citizens going to foreign countries increased by 28.9 percent compared to the same period last year, reaching 1.2 million people. Among all Azerbaijani tourists going abroad, men and women comprised 66.4 percent and 33.5 percent respectively.
During this period, the number of those who went to Iran increased by 84.2 percent, the number of those who went to Georgia increased by 12.7 percent, to Russia by 7.4 percent, and to Turkey by 3 percent.
For overseas travel, the Azerbaijani citizens mostly use rail and road transport, which accounted for 83.6 percent of all trips, while 15.6 percent accounted for air transport, and 0.8 percent for water transport.



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