"Election" game of Armenians not recognized by world community

09 April 2020, 14:57 330
According to experts, the election show in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan is aimed at ensuring the interests of Pashinyan
The "presidential and parliamentary" "elections" held by the so-called regime established in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan were not welcomed by the world powers and international organizations. Statements on the non-recognition of these "elections" reflected the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict within the framework of international law and ensuring the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. International organizations such as the UN, the European Union, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the Turkish Council, and the Non-Aligned Movement have also openly shown Armenia a "red card" for supporting this so-called regime. The Pashinyan regime's intention to use the global coronavirus threat to carry out its insidious plan has also been criticized by lawmakers and experts in various countries. The attempt of the Armenian Prime Minister to promote the so-called regime in the world completely failed. Of course, the Azerbaijani diplomacy has played its role in the world community recognizing Armenia as an aggressor today. As a result, the steps taken by Armenia in connection with the Karabakh conflict are not accepted by the international community.
Speaking to the "Kaspi" newspaper, MP Elman Mammadov said that the separatist regime has existed in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan since the autumn of 1991, and since then they have held "elections" under various names. "As if they are holding their own "presidential", "parliamentary", "municipal" "elections". Of course, because this so-called regime is not recognized and accepted by any state or official body, its "elections” also have no legal basis and are not recognized. But despite all this, the Armenians reassure themselves that even if they are not recognized, they have been "existing", and "operating" for more than 20 years. To stop such ideas, I think that we, Azerbaijan, must take practical action to liberate our lands from occupation. This so-called regime must be destroyed, and its leaders must be brought to justice for violating the laws of Azerbaijan,” the MP said.
Mammadov noted that today Armenia controls the occupied Azerbaijani lands. "Of course, Armenia pursued a policy of aggression with the help of its patrons. Indeed, everyone is aware of the ones supporting Armenia. I would also like to note that all assistance to the so-called regime in the occupied territories is provided by Armenia and supporters of official Yerevan. I think it's time to put an end to all this. That is, Azerbaijan must use its military power to rid its territories of occupiers, separatists, and criminals, and the country's territorial integrity must be ensured. From then on, Armenians will not be able to act foolishly, hold "elections" or take any steps outside the laws of Azerbaijan. Since we have not been able to do this yet they carry out such actions. The truth is that Azerbaijan is a member of the UN and the member states of this organization state that they respect the territorial integrity of our country. Therefore, the "elections" held so far are not accepted because the so-called regime in Karabakh is not recognized. But I want to emphasize again that this issue must be stopped once and for all. Only the Azerbaijani Army will be able to do this,” he added.
Chairman of the Baku Club of Political Scientists Zaur Mammadov said that many countries and organizations, as well as MPs and experts from different countries, have once again expressed their support for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. "They also condemned the illegal "elections" held by Armenia in Karabakh. At a time when the whole world is infected with the coronavirus, Pashinyan took the opportunity to hold "elections" in Nagorno-Karabakh. His main goal, of course, is to defeat the Kocharyan clan in Nagorno-Karabakh, as in Armenia, and, as a result, to appoint its confidants to "positions." Pashinyan did not expect this outcome. He must understand that Azerbaijan wants to resolve the conflict within the framework of international law, provided that its territorial integrity is ensured. If any "election" is to be held in Karabakh, it must, of course, be with the consent of Azerbaijan. The arrival of "politicians" from Yerevan to Khankendi and the Armenian army in Karabakh is, of course, one of the issues delaying the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. In this case, the Armenians have only one option – to liberate the territories they have occupied. But they do not intend to resolve the conflict peacefully. In this case, the Azerbaijani military will have its word instead of diplomats,” he said.
Mammadov stressed that the weapons purchased by Azerbaijan for the army in recent years, as well as the new methods of warfare introduced in April 2016, show that our army has the power to silence the enemy. "Of course, the processes in the whole world and different regions, the relations between states also depend on the global order and international processes. In the context of these international processes and the global order, Azerbaijan will have its word,” he added.