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Ecologists predict sleet and frost in Baku

Ecologists predict sleet and frost in Baku
The weather forecast for tomorrow in Azerbaijan was announced.
Report was informed in the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, occasional rain expected in Baku and Absheron peninsula, it is expected to be intensive in some parts of the peninsula on December 7.
In suburban areas, rainfall is likely to turn into snowfall. Strong north-west wind will blow and become moderate in the second half of the day.
Temperature will be 3-5 C of heat on Absheron peninsula at night, 5-8 C in daytime, in Baku 3-5 C at night and 5-7 C in daytime.
Atmospheric pressure will raise from 755 mm Hg from 762. Relative humidity will be 85-95%.
Partly cloudy weather expected in the regions of Azerbaijan tomorrow, it is expected to be snowy in mountainous and foothill regions and intensify in some places. Fog predicted in some places. The western wind will blow and occasionally intensify in some places.
Temperature will be 0-4 degrees of heat at night, 5-9 C in daytime. On the mountains temperature will vary from 0 degrees of frost to -5 degrees at night and 0+5 C in daytime.
According to the medical-meteorological forecast, on December 7, occasional rainfall on the Absheron peninsula, low temperature and humid weather conditions in the background of strong windstorm is unfavorable for weather sensitive people.
Ministry warns that on December 7, heavy rainfall expected in Baku and Absheron peninsula that will intensify in some places. Strong north-west wind will blow. The temperature will drop by 3-5 degrees, maximum temperature will be 5-8 degrees.




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