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“Democrats” remain silent before Steinar Gil's statements

“Democrats” remain silent before Steinar Gil's statements
Tahir Karimli: Turning a blind eye to these actions, radicals who hide behind the curtain of democracy fall in the eyes of the public

Former Norwegian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Steinar Gil often targets the state and people of Azerbaijan in his statements on Facebook, trying to form a biased opinion on our country and our people in the international arena. Immediately after the April 2016 war, Gil tried to humiliate and insult the Azerbaijani armed forces, our military who had prevented the enemy's attempt to attack with counter-attack. Sharing an unknown photo, Gil claimed that Azerbaijani servicemen had been abusive against the bodies of enemy soldiers in the April fights. But in a short time, social network users and military experts have discovered that this is a disinformation, and that the photo does not belong to the Azerbaijani serviceman. On February 21, 2019, Gil stated that Azerbaijanis had allegedly destroyed Armenian graves. In the discussions, he tried to prove that his statement reflects the "reality”.

Certainly, Gil is aware of the essence of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. He is undoubtedly aware of the genocide and deportation policies implemented by Armenians against Azerbaijanis, including the March 31, 1918 and February 26, 1992 Khojaly genocide. He is also aware of how Armenian servicemen have been acting against peaceful Azerbaijanis, torturing the prisoners and hostages, and insulting the bodies of our dead. However, he still lies, supports Armenians, strives to influence public opinion against the Azerbaijani state, its people and Azerbaijanis in general, taking advantage of his authority and status. Many Azerbaijanis, who commented Gil’s statements, revealed the diplomat’s lie and pointed to his pro-Armenian position, referring to numerous facts.

Amid all this, the silence of radical opposition "leaders” is surprising. In his statement to Kaspi, chairman of the Unity Party, MP Tahir Karimli said that Gil does not only humiliate our state and military servicemen who have participated in the April war, but also target Ramil Safarov, publicize biased opinions about him, and even equates him with military criminals who committed genocide against the Azerbaijanis in Khojaly. According to the chairman, regardless of place, position or political affiliation, everyone must defend his national and state interests and must demonstrate his citizenship. "Steinar Gil calls Ramil Safarov as a criminal, harshly criticizes him, but he does not show the same attitude to Zori Balayan and others who support separatism in Nagorno-Karabakh and committed massacres during the Khojaly genocide. Gil does not comment when statues are erected in Armenia to those who committed murders against ethnic Azerbaijanis. He remains silent according to Christian fanaticism. In such a case, it is not worth talking about Steinar Gil’s democracy and objectivity. On the other hand, "democrats", who considered themselves as Gil’s friends, remain silent in these cases. If radical opposition leaders really cared about people, nation, state, statehood and national interests, they would comment on Steinar Gil’s statements. As Gil is targeting the government and the people, not the Azerbaijani government. If so, what makes them silent? Why do "democrats" turn a blind eye to the fact that our heroes are humiliated? This behavior of the radical opposition is regrettable. So they prefer the principle of "my enemy's enemy is my friend" and trample the interests of national statehood and Azerbaijani people. Regardless of their identity, any force that is hostile to the power of the Azerbaijani government becomes a friend of the radical opposition. Turning a blind eye to these actions, radicals who hide behind the curtain of democracy fall in the eyes of the public,” said the MP.

According to Elchin Mirzabayli, the deputy chairman of the Popular Front of Unified Azerbaijan Party (PFUAP) and a political commentator, "leaders" of the radical opposition have no statehood thinking. The deputy chairman said that the "activity" of the radicals clearly demonstrates the extent of the degradation of those in the opposition. "These people never cared about the Azerbaijani people or state, so now they do not respond to Gil. This factor is based on the motives of their accusations addressed to the Azerbaijani people. For this reason, the public does not support them and wishes radicals to step down from the political scene. As for Steinar Gil, there are several reasons why those who are in the radical camp are silent about what he writes or speaks. First of all, it is because Gil is a "black box" of the radical opposition of Azerbaijan. The radical opposition received dirty money and certain orders, as well as was awarded large grants when Gil was an ambassador to Azerbaijan. If any representative of the radical opposition makes comment on Gil's statements, the former ambassador will immediately reveal all compromises about them. Therefore, the radicals are silent. Expecting something positive from the radicals who support forces that take part in scenarios which some foreign states want to implement in Azerbaijan, or easily transfer from one ideological camp to another, and even challenge the constitutional order of Azerbaijan, makes no sense. One day they talk about western democracy for the sake of certain interests, and the next day they become pawns of the theocratic regimes, and even stand in the ranks of those who are accused of terrorism and become their defenders," Mirzabayli noted.





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