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Democracy - the victim of “Cognac diplomacy”

Democracy - the victim of “Cognac diplomacy”
According to MPs, the international organizations which gave a positive assessment of the elections held in Armenia should feel ashamed

 Although massive fraud have been observed in all elections held in Armenia for 20 years, but international organizations continue turning an blind eye to it and present this "next victory of democracy." President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev made remarks at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results of socioeconomic development of 2018 and objectives for the future.
Thus, President Aliyev stressed that the regime of criminal and bloodthirsty junta has dominated Armenia for 20 years: "Unfortunately, certain international organizations have turned a blind eye to this. The question may be asked now: how can it be possible that international organizations gave positive assessments to the presidential and parliamentary elections held in Armenia with major falsifications in recent years? After all, the latest parliamentary elections showed that a group of people that had illegally seized power could not even get 5 percent of the vote. This is recognized by everyone. Why didn’t anyone condemn the criminal regime, which ascribed more than 50 percent of the votes to itself in previous years?! Why did the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and other international organizations ranting about democracy and justice turn a blind eye to this shameful picture?! Didn’t they know that all elections in Armenia were rigged? Didn’t they know that the Armenian people hated the criminal regime? They knew that perfectly well, but turned a blind eye to that. Why? Because of double standards. What for? It is likely that there were other issues related to their selfish goals. It is no secret for anyone that Armenia activated its "cognac diplomacy” in the international arena and bribed many politicians. In previous years, the factor of bribe was in the first place in Armenia’s foreign policy.” added the head of state.
According to the Azerbaijani President, this issue should be seriously investigated by relevant international bodies, and the "politicians” who supported the criminal regime for 20 years, turned a blind eye to its crimes and received orders and medals from it, must be brought to justice. Our demand is precisely this. If this does not happen, it means there are no changes. If this is not done, then the ridiculous statements by certain international organizations regarding justice and human rights will remain just ridiculous statements. If international organizations that supported the Sargsyan regime and its deeds, and turned a blind eye to them want to wash away their sins, they must admit that they were in agreement with criminals for 20 years, which means that they have contributed to these crimes too.

Speaking of the issue member of Milli Mejlis Aydin Mirzezadeh told "Kaspi” newspaper that Azerbaijan has a right to raise the issue to international organizations: "There is no way to speak on democarcy in Armenia that occupied Azerbaijani territories. This country has been ruled by  the regime of criminal junta has dominated Armenia for 27 years and come to force through killing people. However, European institutions have always turned a blind eye to this to date. But the point is that why instead of ignoring the reality, international institutions do not assess the elections held in this country. As President Ilham Aliyev noted "Cognac diplomacy” undoubtedly plays  a crucial role here. Moreover, Armenian diaspora communities try to promote Armenia in abroad as a democratic state. Azerbaijani President’s remark  once again shows that the world community must give up  double standards." he stressed. 
Azerbaijani MP  added that it is difficult to say that the international organizations will react to the statements of the head of state: "However, Azerbaijan has demonstrated its position. The international organizations which gave a positive assessment of the elections held in Armenia should feel ashamed.”
Azerbaijani MP Musa Guliyev said to "Kaspi” newspaper that in his speech President Ilham Aliyev pointed out absence of democracy in Armenia: "As it is known, after the  collapse of the  USSR  all elections held in Armenia were falsified  and never expressed the will of Armenian people.  Levon Ter-Petrosyan was overthrown by terrorist, child killer Robert Kocharyan. Serzh Sargsyan, who came to power following  Kocharyan, was overthrown by Nicol Pashinyan.   Each of them won victory in the fraudulent elections held after they came to power. The  force that won majority by elections,  has lost  the parliamentary elections held shortly after the revolution. This is the peculiarity of the "Armenian democracy” that is very ridiculous, in fact.  But the most strange point is that some international organizations call these elections "democratic". They are silent on  the fact that why the group that gained majority prior to elections lost in the parliamentary elections. On one hand  it is connected with the double standards in the world,  on the other hand  it is the result of  traditional "cognac diplomacy" of Armenia." Guliyev said. 
The MP believes that those persons who are bought off  and came to Armenia with reports prepared beforehand are actually disgracing themselves:"They remain under the effect  of the Armenian cognac during the election period. "Bribery is one of the traditional ways of  Armenia's foreign policy to achieve its goals. Bribery and corruption are in line with the Armenian authorities. However, the only solution to crisis in Armenia  is to normalize relations with neighbors, primarily with Azerbaijan. First of all, the troops must be withrawn from the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region and the surrounding districts of Azerbaijan, and the occupation fact should be eliminated. If this take place, the Armenian people can also live in normal conditions. Otherwise, the general crisis in Armenia will go on." Musa Guliyev added. 



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