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Damages of energy drink consumption

Damages of energy drink consumption
Doctors stress that consuption of energy drinks by children under the age of 18 absolutely unacceptable

Every day I drink at least 3 energy drinks. Particularly, when I feel low I ussually drink so it makes me feel better. ” Rehim Mammadav,16, said it.  
Regretfully,   numerous adolesents like Rehim have become addicted to energy drinks  in recent years. Are energy drinks dangerous as is said ?  In particular, what can happen to the child's organism after consuption of energy drinks?  
Marketer Rafig Hunaltai told that age of energy drinks consuption dropped by 10 though it was 18 before: " Energy drinks market is regularly  increasing in Azerbaijan. Number of people consuming energy drinks is rising. It is, of course, is not a positive  indicator.
Touching on enlightment of people on  energy drinks, Hunaltai told  that parents are more responsible for it than a producer: " Parents must be aware of damages of too much consuming of energy drinks. In my opinion, positive and negative sides of energy drinks should be publicized. Whereas the main responsibility should be taken by teenagers who consume it much more than norm. Moreover, government also may use some adminstrative methods.  Sale of energy drinks may be restricted in some places. 
Mushvig Isgenderov, marketing manager of "Hell” energy drinks Azerbaijan said that the company being represented by them always inform consumers about it. Actually, there is no any official ban of energy drinks in the world over its  damages to adolesents. However, considering that children should have  more water and natural ingredients we have noted it. 
Talking about negative effects of energy drinks cardiologist Yalchin Velibey told in his statement to "Kaspi” that in recent years sudden deaths and serious heart  arrhythmias were recorded among teenagers as a result of energy drinks consumption: " I have witnessed dozens deaths of in the cardiological center where I have been working teenagers  after drinking of energy drinks . Unfortunately, most of people are unknown about dangerous outcomes  of these drinks for  organism.  Although teenagers consume more energy drinks but people from all age groups can be considered addicter of energy drinks. Some research show that consumption of energy drings may cause drug and alcohol addiction in future. One more danger  is that while doing sport people drink energy drinks. 
Energy drinks raise blood pressure and pulse, cause infarction, insomnia, shaking in the hands, nausea and vomiting , severe arrhythmias, and even sudden death.  It categorically unacceptable to drink energy drinks before or after doing sport. 
Doctor Adil Geybulla also maintain restriction of energy drinks: " Regretfully, energy drinks are spread on a very broad network. Energy drinks contain tonic substances which are  dangerous for human life, in particular caffeine. Consupmtion of these drinks is very dangerous for growing  organism. Thus, a heart gets  overhelmed and increases heart rate. Heart muscle gets tired as heart rhythm increased. In my opinion, parents must ban energy drinks consuption as they do it for alcohol. Their sale must be banned in schools. Since children do not comprehend the danger and iots harmful outcomes. 
Note that  energy drinks for the first time were sold in Austria in 1987  in 1997 in the United States. 

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