Continuous Armenian provocation on the eve of Washington meeting

Continuous Armenian provocation on the eve of Washington meeting

19 June 2019, 16:56 126

An agreement was reached to continue talks on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement. But it seems like Armenia’s new Pashinyan government does not want to comply with international diplomacy. Thus, on the eve of the Washington meeting of the Azerbaijani and Armenian foreign ministers, the Armenian side continues to commit sabotage on the contact line and along the border. Two soldiers of the Azerbaijani Army were killed by Armenians on the frontline a while ago. After that, the Armenian side fired at Azerbaijani military helicopters during military exercises. Now, Armenian military units have begun violating the ceasefire using mortars along the line of contact. In the light of all this, Armenia's political power makes military rhetoric statements undermining the peace talks it has undertaken. These steps of Armenia, which defy logic, have not yet been responded by the OSCE Minsk Group. Instead of raising the pressure on the occupiers, the co-chairs can not go beyond the idea of ​​continuing negotiations. How can the Azerbaijani side behave in such a situation?

According to political scientist, MP Aydin Mirzazade, Azerbaijan's position on this issue is unambiguous. "On the one hand, we are preparing for the liberation of our lands, on the other hand, we are giving adequate response to the Armenian provocations. Azerbaijani Defense Minister, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov, said in his recent statement that Armenia receives a decent response. Today Armenia does not have modern weapons to conduct a large-scale military operation. There is also a shortage of personnel in this country's army, and there is corruption and misappropriation of officers’ and soldiers’ money. The Armenian soldier and officer are well aware of the fact that are in a foreign land and an attack is expected from Azerbaijan at any moment. Our response is adequate and the Armenian side should clarify once and for all that it will adequately be responded to any provocation it commits," he said.

Touching upon the steps to be taken in the diplomatic sphere, Mirzazade noted that the Azerbaijani foreign minister makes periodic statements on Armenia's non-constructive position. "The Azerbaijani side urges Armenia to comply with international law, as well as informs the international community and organizations about Armenia's activities. As a result, the French court has recently ruled that some of the cities in this country have abolished the "friendly charter" of the separatist regime established in the occupied Azerbaijani territories. In general, Armenia loses both domestic and foreign policy. In this case, the Pashinyan regime repeats Sargsyan's steps. Pashinyan is trying to stay in power and deceive his community. But how long will he continue to deceive? Today, people need a job, not a word, a high salary, an increased pension, and a guarantee of tomorrow. These do not exist in Armenia," said the MP.

Political scientist Elshad Mirbashiroglu said that it is not the first time that Armenia committed sabotage on the eve of the Nagorno-Karabakh talks. "First of all, their goal is to achieve a harsh reaction to such provocations from Azerbaijan. Referring to this reaction, the Armenian side is trying to put the responsibility on the violation of the ceasefire on Azerbaijan. And then it wants to get additional international pressure against Azerbaijan. From this point of view, I think that in such situations Azerbaijan should not undermine its restraint. Of course, the provocations are prevented seriously. Azerbaijan has not just stood in defense. As you know, when the enemy commits provocations, the Azerbaijani side always shows its strength in a harsh form and exposes the enemy to losses. I think we should be careful during the Armenian provocations," he noted.

Mirbashiroglu added that at the meeting in Washington, Azerbaijan will once again state that it supports the settlement of the conflict within the principles of international law and the territorial integrity of our country. "In addition, it will once again take into account Armenia's aggressive policy. The Azerbaijani foreign minister will also report on the provocations of the Armenian side. The minister will once again confirm that the aggressor Armenia is engaged in the detrimental activity in the region in these provocations. I think that in all cases, Azerbaijan should continue its current policy. In my opinion, the potential of Azerbaijan as a whole is constantly strengthening. Azerbaijan can achieve its resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh problem within the territorial integrity of the country, by strengthening its political, military and economic potential," the political scientist said.