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Smoking: the cause of many problems
07-11-2016 12:51
It’s important to resort to administrative methods to reduce tobacco consumption
“We’re happy to be in Baku” - PHOTOS
03-11-2016 14:50
Georgian pupils are on an exchange program with “Kaspi” Lyceum
The problem couldn’t be solved by a single campaign
02-11-2016 17:20
Why do married couples living together for long years use violance and commit a murder all of a sudden ?
How to change negative opinion of medicine in Azerbaijan ?
31-10-2016 17:56
Although there are objective reasons behind decrease in confidence in doctors but mainly, wrong and biased views have sh
Leeches are under threat of extinction in Azerbaijan
28-10-2016 17:11
In Azerbaijan mass disposal of leeches to abroad made actual the threat of their extinction
Will public hospitals be paid in Azerbaijan?
27-10-2016 16:55
Experts shared various viewes on this issue
Positive aspects of “single window” for NGOs
25-10-2016 16:50
According to experts, the decree signed by the President is a significant step for development of civil society institut
They see Azerbaijan only in black
24-10-2016 16:56
According to experts, negative and preconceived information released by “Human Rights Watch” about Azerbaijan is a way o
How is a child’s musical taste shaped?
21-10-2016 15:13
Experts consider children should be listened to high quality music
Good news for hundreds of thousands of people
18-10-2016 16:50
According to experts, when amendments to a bill “On state registration of real estate” come into force documentation of
Medicines with instructions in foreign language to be banned
13-10-2016 16:55
Experts deem there is a need public scrutiny for the full application of this rule

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