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AZN 7B invested in Azerbaijan’s fixed capital this year

AZN 7B invested in Azerbaijan’s fixed capital this year
In January-June 2017, AZN 7,138.6 million was invested in Azerbaijan’s fixed capital from all financial sources, down 2.9% from previous year, said the State Statistical Committee.
Of this, AZN 4,344,000,000 was invested in oil sector, AZN 2,794.6 million in non-oil sector. Moreover, 70% of total investments were directed to construction works.
State Statistical Committee told APA-Economics that 78.6% of these funds were spent to construction of production facilities, 16% to construction of facilities on service areas, 5.4% to construction of residential houses with the total area of 838,100 m². Domestic investments amounted to 40% of total investments.
In the structure of investments in the fixed capital 70.3% made up investments of enterprises and organizations, 11.9% bank loans, 11.4% budget funds, 1.3% off-budget funds, 4.6% private funds, 0.5% other funds.  




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