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Azerbaijan’s law enforcement authorities issue joint statement on armed attack on Ganja city mayor

Azerbaijan’s law enforcement authorities issue joint statement on armed attack on Ganja city mayor
The Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service have issued another joint statement on an armed attack committed against Ganja City Mayor Elmar Valiyev, APA reports.
"As reported, on 3 July 2018, Ganja-born Yunis Safarov shot and wounded Ganja City Executive Authority Head Elmar Valiyev and Ganja City Police Department employee Gasim Ashbazov. A serious of investigations revealed that the crime committed by Russian citizen Yunis Safarov was a preplanned terrorist attack, reads the statement.
It also became clear that in 2016 Yunis Safarov went to Iran and lived in the city of Qom for eight months, and also underwent military training within the ranks of armed groups together with Azerbaijani citizen Rasim Asadov in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, the statement says.
"In 2017, Yunis Safarov returned to Ganja and in June of that year he attacked a police officer at the Ganja branch of Kapitalbank to obtain firearms and took the officer’s Makarov pistol after hitting him in the head. Then he started chasing Ganja City Mayor Elmar Valiyev in January 2018 in order to kill him. When his suspicious behavior drew attention from a police officer, he opened fire at him and wounded him, and then fled the scene,” according to the statement.
The statement further says that on 3 July 2018, Yunis Safarov arrived at the building of the Ganja City Executive Authority and attempted to kill Elmar Valiyev and a police officer who was with him.




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