Azerbaijani tar player with marvellous  talant

Azerbaijani tar player with marvellous talant

01 March 2016, 18:31 3139
People listening to a famous tar player Haji Memmedov know that his performance was a great school by itself. Of course, our national music has had several outstanding and master tar players. Haji Memmedov was one of magnificent representatives of the national music who learned from masters of music school as Gurban Pirimov, Behram Mansurov. He repeatedly accompanied on tar dozens of famous artists as Byulbyul, Seyid Shushinski, Zulfi Adigozelov, Abulfat Aliyev, Rashid Behbudov, Yagub Memmedov, Rubaba Muradova, Sara Gedimova and others. 

Haji Memmedov was born in Shamakhi in April, 1920. His family moved to Baku when he was a child. Haji Mammadov’s family had interest in music and culture. His father Mehemmed could play a tar. Haji was listening to his father’s performance for hours. Once, his father gave the tar to Haji and asked him to play. However he even could not keep the tar. Haji’s father was dissapointed over it and said to Haji that he would never become a musician. Despite that Haji’s uncle always felt his cousin's talant and bought a tar for Haji, who was just 8 at that time.  The interesting point is that, it was a real tar not a training tar. And Haji had never diverged from tar untill his death. After his death his family gave this tar to Haji Memmedov’s favorite student Aghaselim Abdullayev. He plays decently Haji Memmedov’s tar that before Haji Memmedov played mughams on this tar. 

Mughams take remarkable part in Haji Memmedov’s performance. "Orta Mahur” mugham was a special. He played this mugham specially wonderful. Indeed, Haji Memmedov has had unique ability of playing on tar. When he was playing a tar, there was not a need for a singer. Azerbaijan's music history has had such rare musicians as Haji Memmedov, Gulare Eliyeva, Kamil Jalilov, Habil Aliyev, Gurban Pirimov that while they were playing a instrument, a singer was not need. 

Looking through Haji Memmedov’s biography we meet some interesting facts. Although he was a very talanted musician but he graduated from Azerbaijani Medical  University in 1948. He was a doctor. He worked as a surgeon for long years. People who knew him as a doctor, noted that he was a very good doctor.   
Haji Memmedov’s talant was noticed by Uzeyir Hajibeyov too : " Look at that small boy! Sooner or later he will be the best musician.” The great composer was right. Although he became a doctor but, his talant brought him to music. 

First memorable performance of Haji Memmedov was at a contest of musicians playing folk instruments in Moscow, 1939. 19-year–old Haji was a winner of the contest. During World War II, Haji Memmedov performed at the forefront to encourage the soldiers for victory.
"Zabul Segah", "Bayatı-Şiraz", "Şur", "Çahargah", "Orta Mahur" mughams that Haji Memmedov played uniquely included into "Gold Fund” .
Haji Memmedov was awarded the title  "People's Artist" of Azerbaijan and awarded with "Glory" Order. The outstanding musician died at the age of 61 and was buried in the Alley of Honor. 
Flora Khalilzadeh