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Azerbaijani official: Impossible to break national will

Azerbaijani official: Impossible to break national will
It is impossible to break the national will, said Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani President’s Assistant for Public and Political Affairs, Head of Department.
Hasanov made the remarks on Monday at an event commemorating the second anniversary of the coup attempt in Turkey, APA reports. 
The event was held at the Turkish Embassy in Baku.
"We watched the events of July 15 in Turkey with great excitement. Azerbaijan didn’t sleep that night. Following those events, at the same time, we expressed out support to the Turkish government. The phrase "One nation, two states,” fully proved itself in those days. We demonstrated the unshakeable friendship of Turkey-Azerbaijan,” Hasanov said.
The top official also touched upon the events that took place in Azerbaijan’s Ganja city a few days ago.
The events in Ganja were committed by traitors aiming to harm the statehood, Hasanov stressed.
"Two police officers who were among peaceful people were killed. The names of these police officers are written in gold letters in the history of our country. One can see a parallel between the events in Turkey and Ganja,” he added.
Hasanov pointed out that the events of July 15 in Turkey are similar to the events of 20 January 1990 in Azerbaijan.
"Those responsible for the events of July 15 in Turkey were connected with Turkey. However, those who brutally killed civilians in Baku were pro-Armenian people. In both cases, there was an attempt to break the national will. It is possible to attack people using tanks and military aircraft, but it is impossible to break the national will,” the top official said. 



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