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Azerbaijani official: Decree on reforms in judicial system aims to develop entrepreneurship

Azerbaijani official: Decree on reforms in judicial system aims to develop entrepreneurship
The decree by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on deepening reforms in the judicial-legal system is mainly aimed at developing entrepreneurship, protecting its interests and encouraging investments, Assistant to First Vice President of Azerbaijan Gunduz Karimov said, Trend reports.
He was speaking at a conference "Judicial and Legal Reforms in Azerbaijan: Public Discussions with the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan” in Baku.
Karimov noted that in the decree, certain instructions and recommendations were given to various state structures and organizations.
"These recommendations and instructions are related to the drafting of various laws, decrees and orders in this area,” he said. "The decree covers many issues - from the right to apply to the courts to the execution of court decisions. Therefore, this decree can be considered a strategic document.”
Karimov emphasized that one of the main issues reflected in the decree is the possibility of creating a new specialized court that will consider disputes and issues related to entrepreneurship.
He said that the existence of a court consisting of the judges specializing in this field, who gained the trust of the legal community and have in-depth knowledge, will create a legal balance.
"The decree also reflects the issue of eliminating red tape and other negative phenomena,” he noted. "For this, the decree emphasizes issues of ensuring the independence of judges, enhancing their social protection, preventing interference in the affairs of courts, as well as assessing the professional level of judges and the need to bring judges committing legal violations to disciplinary responsibility. We urge the entire business and legal community to be active in these matters.”
Karimov added that the decree also contains issues regarding the electronic court.
"The decree provides for the completion by the Ministry of Justice of the work on the electronic judicial system and the creation of an effective search system within its framework based on various criteria and decisions according to the experience of leading countries,” he said. "The effectiveness of this system will ensure transparency, consistency and accessibility of not only the legal system, but also court decisions for any person.”



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