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Azerbaijani minister: Unreasonable processes going on around Azykh Cave

Azerbaijani minister: Unreasonable processes going on around Azykh Cave
Unreasonable processes are going on around the Azykh Cave located in Azerbaijan’s territories occupied by Armenia, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev said on Tuesday.
The minister made the remarks at an event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Gobustan National Historical Reserve, APA reported.
The minister said that Azerbaijani scientists will again be able to explore this site.
"There are many state reserves in Azerbaijan. These include natural and historical cultural reserves. While visiting districts, one can see ongoing archeological excavation work there. I highly appreciate the work of those archeologists,” the minister said.
Garayev added: "From Absheron to Nakhchivan’s Gamigaya, wherever you go, there are our monuments. These monuments give an insight into Azerbaijan’s ancient history. Unfortunately, the Azykh Cave today is inaccessible due to the occupation. There are unreasonable processes going on out there.”
The minister said he regrets that from time to time undesired things happen in reserve areas.
"Therefore, a completely new system of administration has to be formed for reserves. Reserves must be open to the people so that they can be thoroughly familiarized with Azerbaijan,” he noted.  




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