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Azerbaijan, Turkey continue joint live-fire tactical exercises

Azerbaijan, Turkey continue joint live-fire tactical exercises
In accordance with the agreement on military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey, the armed forces of the two countries continue the live-fire joint tactical exercises.
The exercises involve 1,000 personnel, up to 80 military vehicles, in excess of 60 artillery pieces and mortar launchers, 12 combat and transport helicopters, as well as air defense and surface-to-air units equipped with modern defense systems, APA reported.
The personnel are performing tasks on the conduct of joint attacks on the enemy, the use of armored vehicles and air assault forces, and the interaction of air defense troops with the support of the attacking troops.
The joint exercises that started in Azerbaijan on May 1 will last till May 5.  
The main aim of the exercises is to improve coordination through the exchange of experience between the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and Turkey, as well as to achieve the interoperability of the military units of the two countries through joint headquarters planning, improving the readiness and capabilities of the units to conduct operations.
The joint drills will involve armored vehicles, artillery systems and mortars, military and transport helicopters of the Air Force, as well as air defense units and anti-aircraft missile units equipped with modern defensive systems to protect groupings from the air.
During the preparatory period, a number of cultural events for the Turkish military personnel are due to take place. 




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