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Azerbaijan to restore traditional pomegranate varieties

Azerbaijan to restore traditional pomegranate varieties
Traditional pomegranate varieties that were grown in the past will be restored in Azerbaijan, head of the Azerbaijani Association of Pomegranate Manufacturers and Exporters Farhad Garashov told Trend Jan. 9.
He said that about 70 varieties of pomegranate were spread in Azerbaijan.
"However, over time, the genome changed, pomegranate trees died, and persimmon was planted instead,” he noted.
He added that about 20 varieties of pomegranate are grown in Azerbaijan today.
"Together with the Agriculture Ministry, the Association is working to restore the genome and is developing the relevant proposals,” he said. "The ministry is also working consistently to revive these varieties.”
In 2017, 165,000 tons of pomegranates were produced in the country, while the export revenues for 2017 amounted to $10 million.
"Pomegranates were mainly exported to the CIS countries, Europe, as well as, in small volumes, to the US and Australia,” Garashov said.



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