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Azerbaijan played fundamental role in preserving Islamic Culture: Peter Tase

Azerbaijan played fundamental role in preserving Islamic Culture: Peter Tase
Azerbaijan has preserved and played a fundamental role in preserving Islamic Culture, indigenous ethnic heritage and local Architecture, Trend reports citing the article by Peter Tase, US expert on Global Politics and Transatlantic Relations, adviser to Global Engineering Deans Council and other prestigious international institutions.
"Moreover the ‘Land of Fire and Pomegranates’ has become a special tourist destination where visitors appreciate unique urban developments, a synergy of western and eastern architecture, natural beauty and outstanding hospitality offered in Azerbaijan’s oldest cities, spiced up by carpet museums and unforgettable tasting of Kurdamir’s locally made wine and the creamy goat cheese of Jalilabad,” Tase wrote in his article published by Eurasia Review.
The writings of Sabir in Baku and of Jalil Mammadguluzadeh in Nakhchivan, embody the very essence of highly acclaimed patriotic movements and hardships of the Azerbaijani people, describe the country’s historic landmarks as well as its remarkable multiculturalism tradition that goes back many centuries, according to the US expert.
"The beautiful mountainous landscapes of the Caucasus, impressive cultural heritage sites, and unique Islamic Cultural sites are the highlight on every major city and district of Azerbaijan, some of them are, while impossible to mention all; the Cities of Gazakh and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic are the focus of today,” reads the article.
Tase pointed out that the City of Gazakh is a special place where visitors will appreciate listening to traditional Azerbaijani songs.
The District of Gazakh is also known for its carpets; they are absolutely beautiful and certainly decorate the royal palaces of Norway and Denmark, he added.
The designs and patters of these carpets are included in the paintings of famous Italian renaissance artists, including: Carlo Crivelli and Domenico di Bartolo, Pinturicchio and in the works of Dutch painter Jan van Eyk. The carpets of Gazakh are exhibited at the most prestigious museums in the Americas, Europe and Asia, among them is the Hermitage, the New York Metropolitan Museum, the Berlin Museum of Art, the Budapest Museum of Decorative Arts and many others, reads the article.
"Whether visiting the astonishing Alinja fortress, Noah’s final resting place and mausoleum or the iconic Haca Dag, this autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan) did not fail to surprise and astound my colleagues and myself.”
Indeed, each cultural and natural domain in these territories of Azerbaijan represents unique pictorial languages, cultural peculiarities and architectural masterpieces, according to Tase.



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