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Azerbaijan gives steadfast support to Phalastine

Azerbaijan gives steadfast support to Phalastine
Baku hosted a meeting of the ambassadors State of Palestine to Asian countries

Azerbaijan has always pursued a special policy on the Phalestinian state and was interested in the development of cooperation between the two countries. Recently, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has received Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine Riad Malki. The head of state said Azerbaijan always showed solidarity and support on the Palestinian issue, describing Azerbaijan`s hosting a meeting of the ambassadors of the State of Palestine accredited to Asian countries on November 5 as an obvious example of this.  A conference of the ambassadors of the State of Palestine accredited to Asian countries has kicked off in Baku. In his opening remarks, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov described the decision to host the conference as a response to request made by the Palestinian side, underlining Azerbaijan’s continuing support to the brotherly people of Palestine in their struggle to achieve peace, stability and sustainable development. Minister Mammadyarov stressed that Azerbaijan consistently stands for the two-state solution of the Palestinian issue with East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine. FM Mammadyarov pointed to Azerbaijan’s hosting numerous international events on Palestine, including an international conference on the issue of Jerusalem, which was held last year in Azerbaijan with participation of the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian people, the United Nations Coordination Office for Humanitarian Affairs, the OIC, and various non-governmental and civil society organizations.
FM Mammadyarov provided an insight into Armenia's policy of aggression and its consequences against Azerbaijan, stressing that UN Security Council's four resolutions on the immediate and unconditional liberation of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan have not yet been implemented. Minister Mammadyarov also highlighted the activities of Azerbaijan within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Azerbaijan’s significant contribution to the issue of Islamic Solidarity, as well as initiatives launched and events organized in this regard. Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki expressed his gratitude to the government of Azerbaijan for supporting the people of Palestine in their struggle to achieve peace, describing the decision to host the conference of the ambassadors of Palestine accredited to Asian countries as an obvious example in this regard.   From this point, we can say that being remain loyal  to Islamic solidarity Azerbaijan has always supported Phalestinian state and nation. While looking at the chronological sequence of relations  between the two countries we can obviously see this reality.  The official diplomatic relations between the two countries began on 15 April 1992 with non-resident representation of Phalestine in Azerbaijan until the opening of the Embassy of the State of Phalestine in the Azerbaijani capital Baku officially by President Mahmoud Abbas on 2011. Since its independence, Azerbaijan has been steadfast in supporting the Palestinian cause in all international forums, where it has always voted positively in favor of resolutions concerning Phalestine.   In recent days, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine Riad Malki, assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Asia, Africa and Australia Mazen Shamiyah, head of the Palestinian National Fund Mouin Elias Yousef Khouri, 27 Palestinian Ambassadors accredited to Asian countries and diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine have visited Azerbaijan to attend the conference. Note that in previous years, Azerbaijan hosted several important events related to Palestine as well.  
Speaking of the theme, political analyst, proffessor of Western Caspian University Fikrat Sadikhov said that Azerbaijan has always demonstrated solidarity on the Phalestinian nation: "We give both political and moral support for Phalestinian nation. Azerbaijan has always stand by Phalestine.  It is enough to recall that Azerbaijan demonstrated solidarity on Phalestine in the Jerusalem issue at  an extraordinary meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Istanbul in December last year." political analyst said. 
Sadikhov added that the officials of the  Phalestinian state highly assess Azerbaijan’s position: "They comprehend that Azerbaijan’s position is right and fair. They witness our aid to refugees from Phalestine. In a word, relations between Azerbaijan and Phalestine is developing and will be grow further within the Islam solidarity format." he stressed. 




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