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Azerbaijan demonstrates to the whole world its power and loyalty to Islamic solidarity

Azerbaijan demonstrates to the whole world its power and loyalty  to Islamic solidarity
Representatives of Azerbaijani culture proudly speak of holding the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has hosted one more international event’s opening ceremony on May 12, 2017.  Azerbaijan welcomed the Islamic world in a magnificent opening ceremony of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games held at  Baku Olympic Stadium. World countries have witnessed natural beauty and great potential of Azerbaijan. Thus, Azerbaijan proved  once more that it has turned into the country hosting international events at the highest level.  Art masters are present samples of Azerbaijani and Islamic culture, parade of sportsmen and salute were organized in the ceremony. 
Although, fourth Islamic Games has kicked off for 4 days, great and unforgettable   impression of the opening ceremony is carring on. Celebrities shared their views on the event with us. 

People's Artist Nuraddin Mehdikhanli said  holding such an international event in Azerbaijan  is a honor for our country: " 54 Muslim countries are participating in the Islamic Games. The games is in the spotlight. So far Azerbaijan has hosted, "Eurovision” Song Contest, F1, First European Games. I feel great happiness  to be one of participiants  of  the opening ceremonty. There was professional team there. Everyone was attentive to each other and our team managed to accomplish the task successfully. Every aspect was organized professionally. Highlighting acitivities of  Azerbaijani volunteers the People’s Artist expressed gratitude to all who were working for the event: " All works were fulfilled  under control of Chairperson of the "Baku-2017” 4th Islamic Solidarity Games’ Organizing Committee, the First Lady of Azerbaijan  Mehriban Aliyeva. Directors were from England. But everyone could easily  understand each other. I have understood that langugage skills  are not the main feature in comprehending of each other. When people are engaging in a  good and important matter they do not have to know each other’s languages. The essence  of the Islamic Games and its message to the world is that  people may live together in peace and harmony regardless of their races, languages and religious beliefs. It is possible. Azerbaijan has showed this reality to the world. Talking about his caracter in the  ceremony  Mehdikhanli said that it was very intereseting character. He played Mina’s grandfather  in the artistic part of the ceremony Mina, a little girl from Baku, plays in Philharmonia Garden with her grandfather . He completes the kite she’s holding by adding a fourth ribbon to its tail.
She explores the beautiful park, sharing laughter and light with everyone and everything around her. Happy, she wonders how to bring peace and harmony to the whole world.
Her grandfather explains: to change the path of our future, we must first understand our past. And so he sends Mina on an exciting journey of knowledge and discovery, with the kite as her friendly guide. Mina magically flies far from Baku with her kite, across the ancient land of Azerbaijan to discover the age-old petroglyphs at Gobustan.Soaring over glorious landscapes, with eternal fires that burn from the ground at the Ateshgah Fire Temple and Yanar Dag, Mina enters the world of myth to meet the simurgh, a fantastical bird of many colours that she helps to hatch from its egg.Mina leaves with a beautiful feather – a gift from the grateful simurgh. If the little girl is ever in danger, burning the feather will bring her wondrous new friend to her side in an instant.

People’s artist Mensum Ibrahimov told that he was on the visit to the USA due to celebration of national leader Heydar Aliyev’s birthday so he could not watch the ceremony from the stadium and had to watch the ceremony on TV: " I am proud of my country. I attended the European Games. Islamic Games also has been organized at the highest level. Our national music, history, traditions, carpets were highlighted in the opening ceremony’s program. I want to thank the head of state for such magnificent event. It is peerless contribution in terms of promotion of our country in the world. Azerbaijani athletes have won numerous  medals. I am proud of them. Generally to host such international events is very important for our country due to promotion and delivering Azerbaijani realities to the world. Tourists from different countries pay visit to our country during events  and  see how tolerant Azerbaijan is.  It is great contribution to  growth of tourism as well.  Moreover 20 % lands of Azerbaijan is under occupation and  events like this  are very significant to state realities  to the international community. Chairperson of the "Baku-2017” 4th Islamic Solidarity Games’ Organizing Committee is the first lady Mehriban Aliyeva.  I express my gratitude to her for organization of such high-level event.” added Ibrahimov.  

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