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Azerbaijan continues large-scale reconstruction of roads

Azerbaijan continues large-scale reconstruction of roads
A road with a total length of 32.9 kilometers is being reconstructed in Azerbaijan’s Shamkir District in 3 directions, Trend reports referring to the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads.
Some 20 kilometers of the Shamkir – Zeyem – Duyerli – Shishtepe – Bayramli highway of local importance corresponds to the third technical category, with 12.9 kilometers of it corresponding to the fourth technical category.
The old asphalt concrete pavement layer was scraped with special equipment on the Shamkir – Zeyem – Duyerli section (corresponding to the third technical category). Moreover, soil was poured to restore the technical parameters of the road, and bumps have been filled with new soil and compacted. Unsuitable irrigation pipes in the village of Duyerli and along the entire road were removed and replaced with new metal and reinforced concrete with a total length of 288 linear meters.
In addition, according to the construction project, a new road base is laid and the road is already ready to be covered with two layers of asphalt concrete. Currently, new pedestrian walkways are being built in Zeyem on a 1.3-kilometer stretch of road.
The project also includes the overhaul of a 36.3-meter two-leg bridge on the Ganligobu River and a 54.3-meter three-leg bridge over the Jeyirchay River.
Similar work is being carried out on the Zeyem – Shishtepe road with a length of 7.9 kilometers (corresponding to the fourth technical category). As such, the deformed asphalt concrete pavement has also been removed. It is being filled with new soil in order to restore its standard width and the road base is being rammed.
Pipes unsuitable for operation with a total length of 258 linear meters have also been removed and replaced with new pipes; ditches on a section of 4,280 running meters are cleared.
After that, work will begin on laying a two-layer asphalt concrete pavement. This work is carried out on an area of ​​300,000 square meters.
At the final stage of the project, it is planned to build 14 bus stops, install 158 road signs and information boards, 66 mileage indicators, 1,440 signal pylons, as well as carry out work on road marking.
Reconstruction is carried out under the supervision of the agency management, in accordance with building codes.
The reconstruction of the Shamkir – Duyerli, Zeyem – Shishtepe and Bayramli roads will improve transport links between 8 settlements with a total population of about 85,000 people. It will also ease cargo and passenger transportation to the district center and neighboring areas.



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