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Azerbaijan constantly monitors state of health of livestock

Azerbaijan constantly monitors state of health of livestock
Despite there having been no cases of anthrax infection among livestock in Azerbaijan since 2005, prophylactic measures are being taken regularly for the prevention of the infection of livestock with this and other dangerous diseases, Ramiz Salmanov, head of the department for control of veterinary services and animal health at the Agency for Agrarian Services under Azerbaijan’s Agriculture Ministry, said at a press conference on the conduct of epizootic activities, Trend reports.
According to him, measures for the prevention of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) are taken only during the cooler months. These measures were already carried out within the first two quarters of the current year and will be resumed when the weather becomes cooler.
As for the prevention of rabies infection, all animals are vaccinated within the site of infection in these cases, Salmanov said.
He noted that the state of livestock health is constantly monitored in Azerbaijan. Moreover, Azerbaijan immediately notifies the neighboring countries in case the emergence of any new disease is determined, and other countries similarly issue warnings when diseases are detected among their livestock.
Salmanov stressed that no country is insured against viral entry. Due to the increase in migration between neighboring countries, nodular dermatitis appeared and established itself in the Kura-Araz basin in Azerbaijan about five years ago. Today, over 2.6 million heads of cattle and goats have been vaccinated against this disease.
As stated by the spokesman for the Agency for Agrarian Services under Azerbaijan’s Agriculture Ministry Yolchu Khanvali, two monitoring sessions were held for the prevention of bird flu this year, and cases of infection with this disease have not been detected.



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