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Atletico FC president: Look what happened on matches with Qarabag?

Atletico FC president: Look what happened on matches with Qarabag?

"It was a very hard blow, yes. But I think we had very bad luck”.

Report informs, President of Atletico Enrique Cerezo Torres said commenting on the playing of the club in the group stage of Champions League. 69-year-old official draw attention to the inability of the club to gain victory on one of the two matches played with Roma in Italy in the first round and Qarabag in the second match:

"The first game, in Rome, we had to have won and won well, because we had many chances to score. Then, of the two matches against the Qarabag, we could have won one. But the there was no goal, we could not win, we have difficulties to pass and the consequences are there. Now we will play the Europa League and we will have the same enthusiasm to win it as in the Champions League.”

Cerezo said the club wants to win some title in La Liga, Spanish Cup, Europa League: "In  Europa League there are also very good teams. We are in three competitions and we want to win some title. Also, look what happened with the Qarabag. All the teams are enigma.”

Atletico which ranked third with 7 points in Group C of Champions League has played in a draw 0:0 with Qarabag in Baku and 1:1 in Madrid.




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