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Armenian people have started to understand the essence of Kocharyan-Sargsyan regime

Armenian people have started to understand the essence of Kocharyan-Sargsyan regime
Political scientists think Azerbaijani president’s views on Armenian despotic regime justified

Kocharyan-Sargsyan regime, who has hold on to power for many years in Armenia, has not only committed numerous crimes against Azerbaijani people but also Armenian people. Current difficult socio-economic situation in Armenia once again proves this assertion. While attending the Iftar ceremony hosted by Caucasian Muslim’s Office, Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev voiced his thoughts on the matter. He stated that Armenian people were not re-affirming what he said regarding the bloodthirsty, usurper regime in Armenia. As we can see, what was once said about Kocharyan-Sargsyan rule is now being proven right.  
MP and political scientist Elman Nasirov told "Kaspi” that Ilham Aliyev had attended the Iftar dinner hosted by the Caucasian Muslims’ Office and pointed out during the dinner that Armenia had long been ruled by a bloodthirsty, aggressor regime: "The ones suffering most from this regime were Armenians themselves. Armenian people had become captives of this regime. Armenia is experiencing an economic and demographic crisis. Each year, tens of thousands of people leave Armenia and this country doesn’t have any future prospects and is on the verge of chaos. Head of the state stressed that Armenian people were now repeating his remarks and the recent events seem to prove him right. In reality, Azerbaijani president’s views on the despotic regime in Armenia were fully justified. Armenian experts concede that Armenian people and intellectuals should now listen to Azerbaijani president’s thoughts on Armenia and draw conclusions. Because, what the head of the state said were proven right. It turns out that Kocharyan and Sargsyan were indeed heading a criminal regime and using force against their own people. It was already well known that Sargsyan defended his seat in 2008 by shooting his own people. Now, the new government wants to open a criminal case regarding those events. At the same time, the shooting incident that took place in the parliament in 1999 has not been given a proper political assessment. There is no doubt that the then-rulers of Armenia had directly organized these processes. We have witnessed that their foreign policy is a continuation of their domestic policies. The regime which oppressed its own people with their domestic policies continued this practice in the foreign policy too, invading Azerbaijani territories and carrying out the Khojaly massacre”. 
Nasirov noted that the essence of those who had ruled over Armenia was laid bare: "President Ilham Aliyev has always mentioned these issues in his speech. What are being uttered today should be a serious message for the Armenian leadership. They should understand that continuing the policies of the former administration with only formal changes will lead Armenia to destruction. It also condemns who he rules Armenia to failure. This is an axiom and doesn’t even need proof. But they have a way out.  President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly stated this and said it one more time at the Iftar dinner that Armenia should hold constructive talks, end the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, return our territories to us and subsequently Armenia may find salvation in the new environment that would emerge. Everything depends on the smart, constructive approach of the Armenian leadership and whether they would end their aggressive foreign policy once and for all. This is a simply truth and the sooner Pashinyan regime understands this, the quicker they would find salvation. But if Sargsyan won’t want to see the truth, then it would become inevitable for Armenia to roll into the abyss and it could be expected that Pashinyan would have the same end as Sargsyan”. 
MP and political scientist Hikmet Mammadov said Azerbaijan had managed to expose the junta regime that was ruling Armenia: "Which is why Ilham Aliyev noted in his speech: ‘Armenian people are now saying what I have been saying for years. I have exposed the former criminal regime of Armenia at the highest seat in the world – the UN. I have called them by name. I have accused them of committing the Khojaly massacre and war crimes. I have called the former government of Armenia bloodthirsty, criminal and terrorist. These are all true. I have told the truth and now Armenian people are repeating them’. These comments sums up some of the diplomatic maneuvers Azerbaijan has made to expose the occupation policy of the dictatorial regime in Armenia”. 
Mammadov noted that the second part of the issue was to do with the economy: "Azerbaijan has taken decisive steps to push Armenia to the corner in this area. Thus, the president said: ‘I’ve repeatedly stated that Armenia was experiencing demographic and economic crises. The country is being vacated, tens of thousands of people leave the country every year and Armenia does not have any prospects for future. Azerbaijan has pushed Armenia to the corner. Why? Because Armenia has occupied our lands. Now, Armenian people admitting this too’. This shows that Azerbaijan will achieve its goals in this conflict and the justice will be restored. The settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict can bring peace and prosperity to the whole Caucasus region, it would also mean new cooperation prospects for countries who have strategic interest in the region”. 
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