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Armenian-born researcher: Positive solution to Karabakh conflict is near

Armenian-born researcher: Positive solution to Karabakh conflict is near
A positive solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is near, said Ukrainian researcher of Armenian origin Artur Aghajanov.
He made the remarks addressing an international conference, entitled "The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, origins, peacemaking and the role of civil society”, held in Baku March 14.
Aghajanov stressed that what is the most important is to believe in the possibility of resolving the conflict.
"I’m Armenian. I was born in Baku but originally I’m from Karabakh, which is populated by different people now. There are some among the Armenians I know who share the same views about the conflict. But they are afraid to express it clearly. However, they have a positive approach to the conflict,” said the researcher, adding. "We’re only divided by religion, which does not matter much. This is my opinion. Perhaps there are Turks currently living in Armenia. For example, my last name is Aghajanova. What it means is, we have common roots. For one thing, we share last names like Allahverdiyev and Mirzabeyov.”




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