Armenia supports fascism at state level

Armenia supports fascism at state level

06 September 2019, 18:39 282

Throughout the history, Armenians have carried out multiple massacres and genocides in order to realize their ugly policies and seize the lands of other peoples. The genocide committed by them against the Azerbaijani people is a clear proof of that. This nasty policy, arising from the Armenian fascism, is still pursued by the Armenian state either directly or not. A monument was arised in Armenia to terrorist Soghomon Tehlirian, who assassinated fascist Talaat Pasha, distinguished by his unusual criminal methods in Nazi Germany. Despite all the protests, the Armenians regard him as a "national hero." Moreover, the Armenian Migration Service has granted refugee status and asylum to Russian oppositionist, right-wing radical, fascist thinking Vitaly Shishkin. Does all this mean that Armenia supports fascism at the state level, and is it a place where fascist thinking people can take refuge?

In his statement to Kaspi newspaper, MP Elman Mammadov said Armenia had taken another step against Russia by providing political asylum to Shishkin. "Armenia opposes Russia, its constant supporter and protector. It seem that Russia is going to take steps against Armenia in this regard soon,” he said.

Mammadov also drew attention to the Armenian fascism. "Armenians have committed several massacres and genocides both in Turkey and in the Caucasus over the last 120 years,” he pointed out. "German fascism was not as cruel as the Armenians. During the war, the Germans occupied some territories, but they did not kill the population. However, the Armenian fascism was aimed at clearing all its territories from other nations, except the Armenians. They especially meant the Muslim population and the Turks. The Armenians believed that all the Turks, from infants to old people, must be murdered and their lands must be assigned. This is true fascism and cruelty. Armenians have been living with the fascist ideology ever since, and it continues today and is getting tougher. I think that history has a spiral circulation and in certain processes it has proven itself. Looking back at 1913-1923, it is clear that the Armenians were organized, instructed, funded, armed and rebelled against the state in their territories. The same process continues today. And the end of their actions will be the same. I think the Azerbaijani Army will be the one to respond to this brutal and cruel act of the Armenians, and that day is not far away,” said the MP.

Chairman of the Atlas Research Center, political scientist Elkhan Shahinoglu said that the massacres committed during the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, as well as the Khojaly genocide, show that the Armenian forces are, in fact, fascists. "Armenians continue to pursue the policy of massacres. Unfortunately, unlike us, there is not enough information about Armenian fascism in the world. Today, the Armenians indirectly pursue their policies. The monument erected to Armenian Soghomon Tehlirian, who killed Talaat Pasha is a complete embodiment of inhuman behavior, which did not take place even in the period of German fascism. This monument shows how the Armenian forces favor fascism,” he emphasized.

"As for the fact that Armenia provided political asylum to Shishkin, it can be regarded as a step against Russia. Because Pashinyan wants some former officials, that Russia provided asylum for, to be extradited to Armenia. Pashinyan thinks he is an independent politician. However, the state he rules depends on Russia. The meeting of the Eurasian Economic Union will be held in Armenia in early October. Putin sent a second congratulatory message to his friend, Kocharyan. This also bothers Pashinyan, but he cannot express his open protest. I even think that if Putin wants to meet Kocharyan in prison while in Yerevan, this will be another blow for Pashinyan. From all of the above, I can say that Armenians, as always, are not going to give up their nasty policies. The national fascist policy is constant in Armenia despite the change of authority. As the previous authority have tortured and murdered Azerbaijanis during the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, another form of it is now exercised by current one. It provides political asylum to a fascist, erects a monument that reflects the ideas of fascism, and so on. All this shows that nothing has really changed,” said the political scientist.