Armenia - state created by terrorist organizations

Armenia - state created by terrorist organizations

10 September 2019, 18:42 63

According to experts, official authorities and the mass media must disseminate information about this and appeal to international organizations


Armenia has once again declared its support for terrorism at the state level. As well as, earlier, a monument was erected to Garegin Nzhdeh, who won the Nazi "sympathy” for his brutality during World War II. Contrary to the protests that have been made since then, Armenia has gone further and has erected a monument to the Dashnak terrorist, Soghomon Tehlirian, who killed Talaat Pasha, an Ottoman officer. The monument shows the cut off head of Talaat Pasha under the terrorist's feet. All of this clearly demonstrates the goals and aims of the Armenian state. Most of these killers and terrorists whom the Armenians regard as "heroes" committed massacres against Turks and Azerbaijanis. Protests against the monument of the terrorist Tehlirian have started both in Turkey and Azerbaijan. The main point is that the erecting a monument to terrorists in Armenia clearly proves that this country supports terrorism. What steps should Azerbaijan and Turkey take regarding all this?

In his statement to Kaspi, MP Musa Gasimlisaid that there are reasons for erecting monuments to terrorists in Armenia. "It all has historical roots. There were terrorist organizations that brought Armenians under the name of one nation. The Armenians, because of their fear, gave money to terrorist organizations and acted in an organized manner. Later, when the Armenian Republic was created in the historical Azerbaijani lands in 1918, its foundations were laid by terrorist organizations. So today, when we say Armenian people, we mean the people formed as a result of the terrorist organization. Armenia is a state created by terrorist organizations. Therefore, we should not be surprised that the Armenians are erecting monuments to terrorists,” he said.

According to Gasimli, terrorism has become a state policy in Armenia. "It supports and erects monuments to internationally known terrorists, as well as to those who had links with the fascists and cooperated with them. Today Armenia is a country pursuing the policy of Armenian fascism. What can Azerbaijan and Turkey do? I think that the official bodies of Turkey, Azerbaijan and the anti-terrorist countries, as well as the mass media must disseminate information about this and appeal to international organizations,” the MP emphasized.

MP Fazil Mustafa said that in response to the Armenians, a monument showing Lalayan's cut off head under the feet of Nuru Pasha should be erected in Baku. "Armenians regard Tehlirian as a "hero” but not as a terrorist. In general, the existence of Armenians is based on terror. Armenians consider their heroes those who commit terror acts against other nations. What should we do? We must erect the statue of the founder of Difai Ahmed Bey Agaoglu and perpetuate his memory. He was an Azerbaijani intellectual who confronted and destroyed Armenian terrorists. I think we should do it. That would be a worthy response to the Armenians,” he pointed out.

According to Mustafa, it is not the time when you complain to the UN about the monument to a terrorist. "Therefore, first of all, we should value our heroes and pay attention to them. The people should also see that Nuru Pasha came and freed Baku from the Armenians and a monument to him has been erected here. Armenians hate Nuru Pasha,” he said.

Chairman of the Federation of Turkish-Azerbaijani Associations Bilal Dundar said that Armenians, who used the friendly neighborhood policy of the Turkic peoples for hundreds of years, have always committed genocide in this geography. "Armenian terrorists, who took advantage of the fall of the Ottoman Empire during World War I, committed brutal atrocities against the various peoples living in the area. Similar terror was subsequently applied against Azerbaijanis. The genocide committed by the Armenians in Khojaly is the biggest atrocity in the history of the world. The murders of the ASALA terrorist organization were involved in the crimes committed in Khojaly and in various cities and regions of Nagorno-Karabakh. These criminals killed dozens of Turkish diplomats in different countries in the 1980s,” Dundar noted.

According to him, although Turkey and Azerbaijan work to ensure peace and stability in the region, the Armenian provocation still continues. "By placing the cut off head of Talaat Pasha under the monument of terrorist Soghomon Tehlirian in Yerevan, Armenians propagate hostility against Turks to the next generation," said the chairman.