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Armenia sounding alarm bells

Armenia sounding alarm bells
Ilham Aliyev’s views on the historical Azerbaijani lands and the launch of “North-South” transportation corridor has caused concern and demoralization among Armenians

Armenian press have been publishing a series of articles exploring different areas regarding the situation the country is facing. These articles show that Armenians are more worried than ever before. Of course, the main topic is the declaration president Ilham Aliyev made at the 6th congress of the New Azerbaijan party regarding the measures being taken to ensure that historical Azerbaijani lands Yerevan, Goyche and Zengezur are not forgotten. They blamed Serzh Sargsyan for this proclamation. They also note that, Armenian economy will be in a worse condition after "North-South” transportation corridor is launched. Their worst fear is the fact that their partners Iran and Russia is taking part in this project. 

MP and political scientist Elman Nasirov talked to "Kaspi” and reminded that president Ilham Aliyev pointed out at the 6th Congress of the New Azerbaijan Party that we should not forget our historical lands: "He openly declared that Yerevan, Zengezur, Goyche were historical Azerbaijani territories. It’s our strategic goal to return those lands. That is, historical truth should be restored. The territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and adjacent districts all historically belong to Azerbaijan. At the same time, Yerevan, Goyche, Zengezur are also Azerbaijani lands. President’s thesis, particularly him stating that returning to Yerevan and other territories were strategic goals and steps were being taken in that director had sent shock waves across Armenia. Armenian public is having very serious discussions about it. Armenians already didn’t have any confidence in the future but today there is more pessimism than ever. 

The Armenian press notes that there is power behind such a brave speech by the Azerbaijani President. Because while Azerbaijan has been getting stronger in the recent years, and Armenia has further weakened. Thus, as Azerbaijan is aware of Armenia's weakness, President Ilham Aliyev makes such a bold statement. The Armenians also point out that these statements of the head of state are not just words, and they will be accompanied by actions. And thus debates have started in Armenia and the feeling of fear has reached the highest level. Why the President of Azerbaijan sharply put forth such a position? They have the answer. It is noted that due to the policy of the Sargsyan regime, Armenia has weakened so much that Azerbaijan is showing such a decisive position. As far as Sargsyan is in power, Armenians will have no future and the likeliness of not only the 7 regions in Nagorno-Karabakh, but also Yerevan, Goych and Zangazur becoming an Azerbaijani territory will increase. They present it as a claim, but it is not so, there are historical facts. "

Nasirov added that the Armenian media also expressed their position on the prospect of opening a North-South transport corridor with a great sense of panic: "There is a great deal of tension in Armenia that the relationship between Azerbaijan and Iran is developing further. In this context, Azerbaijan-Iran-Russia relations will further strengthen. Taking into account that Armenia considers Iran and Russia as its closest partners, then the possibilities of its close ones to take part in Azerbaijan are expanding. At the same time, they also mention that the meeting of the Azerbaijani and Iranian presidents will take place in March and will cover the implementation of this project. In short, Armenia's exclusion from the Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan, Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum and other oil, gas and railway projects and the North-South corridor means that this country is drowning. This is a bitter consequence of their occupation policy. If the Armenian leadership is clever, it will return our occupied lands before it is too late. In this case, a new situation would emerge and we could say a positive opinion on the future of Armenia. "

Chairman of the National Revival Movement Party, MP Faraj Guliyev said that Azerbaijan is within its rights to make such a statement: "In the beginning of last century, Azerbaijan faced a situation that was contrary to its interest with the pressure from the Empire. That is why we lost our lands and Armenia was established in Western Azerbaijan. Armenians, who are not content with it, have occupied other regions of Azerbaijan in the following period and attempted to establish the second Armenian state. Several times, the head of state said that if the occupied Azerbaijani lands were not liberated, the necessary measures would be taken. President Ilham Aliyev declares that Azerbaijan will not allowed the establishment of a second Armenian state in its historical and geographical borders due to unjust status-quo. Therefore, he has called them on to leave the occupied lands, or we could re-examine the fate of Yerevan. Armenia also knows well that Azerbaijan has the right to raise this issue. "

Guliyev noted that the economic development of Azerbaijan will lead to a decline in Armenia in all spheres, including in the military sphere: "Of course, Armenia is concerned about not participating in large projects. There is only one way to do it : end the occupation of Azerbaijani lands. And then we can talk about these issues. I think that the only way to end the anxiety of the Armenian society is for them to end the occupation of Azerbaijani territories and later sign a peace treaty and recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan as accepted by the UN".

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