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Armenia ignores appeals to return Azerbaijani soldier’s body

Armenia ignores appeals to return Azerbaijani soldier’s body
Armenian authorities are refusing to respond to the persistent appeals of international organizations regarding the return of the body of Azerbaijani soldier Chingiz Gurbanov who died as a result of Armenian armed provocation on Dec. 29, the State Commission of Azerbaijan on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing People told APA on Jan. 3.
"Armenia, without giving any specific reasons, deliberately delays the start of the procedure of returning the body under various pretexts,” the commission said.
"Unfortunately, even the international mediators cannot yet put pressure on Armenia for such inhumane actions,” the commission said. "At the same time, we, for our part, continue efforts in this direction together with the state agencies and international organizations.”  
Chingiz Gurbanov, a soldier of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, went missing during the armed incident.




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