Another “election show” by Armenians

Another “election show” by Armenians

11 September 2019, 16:40 70

So-called "local self-government elections” were conducted by separatists in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh a few days ago. As a result, Armenians have once again become a target of persecution. Because, during the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, they have been able to promote neither their so-called regime nor the so-called elections in the world. Neither Armenia itself has officially recognized the so-called regime. Despite all this, the separatists demonstrate this "election show" every time, and they always fail. Of course, successful foreign policy pursued by Azerbaijan in this regard has its word. Today, not only countries, but also international organizations do not recognize the "elections" held by the separatist regime in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. But what do the Armenians want to achieve every time they demonstrate the "election show"?

Political scientist, professor at the Western Kaspi University, Fikret Sadikhov, told Kaspi that the "election show" is being held by Armenians not for the first time. "They always want to prove that they are an independent entity and that they can elect, support, trust, and so on without being part of Azerbaijan. Such fake shows are not being held in Karabakh alone, but also in South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Transnistria and other separatist regimes. The main purpose is to show the world that the separatists are independent. But no state is going to recognize these separatist regimes,” he said.

Sadikhov noted that the separatist regime in Karabakh is not even recognized by Armenia itself as an "independent entity." "It is clear that the "election” and all such steps are nonsense and absurd. If negotiations are in progress, and if there is a Minsk group and UN resolutions, the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is recognized, these "elections" are nothing more but a spectacle by the Armenians.

Political scientist Nazakat Mammadova said that one of the main goals of the Armenians' next "election" show is manifestation of their efforts to legitimize their separatist regime in the world. Every time they make such an "election" show, they want to prove that they are able to become an independent state, even conduct elections, and so on. Of course, they know that this is illegal and contrary to international law. But they also hope that they will be able to convince the world of their lies. For example, the comments made by Bako Saakyan, the leader of the separatist regime, in his congratulatory letter to the so-called "elections", reveal the essence of this regime. The letter confirms that the regime is trying to deceive the international community with fairy tales of democracy. Saakyan calls this event an important milestone in the process of "state building". This also shows that the separatists are trying to legitimize their occupation policies through such trivial actions in the occupied Azerbaijani lands. However, occupation and democracy are contradictory concepts. Armenians try to cover up the fact that they are occupiers by so-called democracy,” she said.

Mammadova emphasized that some "observers" noted that they had found violations in the "elections", although the process itself, as well as the participation in the election was a serious violation. "For example, some non-governmental organizations established by Transparency International have been involved in the illegal actions of separatists as observers. The Karabakh Committee of the Helsinki Initiative 92 "evaluated” the "fair and transparent elections”. I think that Azerbaijan should protest all these organizations and the forces that support them. These processes show that Armenians see democracy as an alternative ideology of the modern era and try to show them as democrats. They also try to cover their occupation policy with democratic concepts such as "elections". Azerbaijan must expose the Armenian game to the whole world, and exert every effort to reveal their essence as occupiers. In addition, all foreigners and organizations participating in the so-called "elections" must be identified, and appropriate legal measures must be taken," the political scientist noted.